• Name: Aishah Humaira'
  • Nickname: Aera, Ecah, Mai
  • Birthdate: 03 December 1997
  • Country: Malaysia

Hello, love! If you have stumbled upon this page, it means you're interested in knowing more about me. I'll try to make this short and quick! I'm a Malay blogger, born and living in Malaysia. I've graduated with a Diploma in TESL and Degree in Creative Writing. I have had personal blogs since I was nine, but now I mainly blog about books. I'm a slow reader, an introvert, and also a softie.

During free times, you'll find me either taking long naps, reading, drawing, writing, or staring into space silently. I also bingewatch K-dramas or anime occasionally. I love listening to music, but I never remember the lyrics. BTS is a huge part of my life 💜 I'm bad at managing my money; I spend them mostly on books, manga and BTS and anime merch. I post my arts and sell enamel pins (and other merchs) on Dear Duyung. I am also part of the Untitled Book Club team.

All reviews by me are written honestly. If you're keen to let me review something or would like a collaboration, please send me an email to: humairashamsul@gmail.com

Other places to find me: YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Tik Tok