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A Collection of Pretty Little Poems: Letters to Jupiter by Lotté Jean Elliott [Book Review]

beauty adorned
a youthful face
but a heart lay so cold
as a winter's eve
ready to slice
at a new being
in the wake
of the next moon.

I rated this poetry collection with 2.5★ at first, but decided to take it down because I feel that it's unfair for me to do so. Letters to Jupiter is a collection of lovely and pretty poems, softness evident in each piece of poetry. Although I am often fond of soft and pretty reads, this collection is just not meant for me.

The biggest reason might be the sense of disconnect that I feel when I read most of the poems in this book. It has lovely titles, and I love the word choices as well as certain sentences and paragraphs here and there, but as a whole, I find that most of the poems do not merge well together. Some pieces made me feel like I was reading a text with incorrect usage of English, while others feel like they were thrown together and fail to harmonise well with each other.

Despite being unable to fully enjoy this poetry collection, I did find a few favourite pieces that made me think that the poet is actually good with her words. 'Once Here', 'Elegant Lies', 'Do You Hear My Soul Burning?' and 'Dorian'are some of the lovely pieces that I will not mind rereading all over again. I have decided to not rate this book, because even though it is not my cup of tea, I still adore the loveliness and softness that it exudes. I would love to read more from this author!

Many thanks to the author, Lotté Jean Elliott, for sending me a digital review copy in exchange for my honest thoughts on Letters to Jupiter.


Title: Letters to Jupiter
Series: -
Author: Lotté Jean Elliott
Publisher: Magnolia Press
Genres: Poetry
Format: E-book
Publication Date: February 16th 2021
Pages: 80

Synopsis (Goodreads): Letters to Jupiter is a poetry collection that explores a tale of the fragility of the mind. With each poetic letter, written by an unknown narrator seeking to let go of the past, we see life at its darkest time, brightest, and examine how much a person can grow after a life-changing event.


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