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Cliche but Hilariously Funny: Lovesick Ellie Vol. 1 [Book Review]


My rating: 4 / 5 ★

Are you prepared for me to love you?

I guess I was in need of some fluffy romance, because I devoured this in mere minutes!

Lovesick Ellie follows the story of high school girl, Ichimura Eriko (Ellie), who has a crush on the school's perfect handsome boy, Ohmi Akira (Omi). Instead of pursuing his attention like other girls, she fantasises about him by tweeting under the name "Lovesick Ellie". At the same time she found out Omi's true character, he found out about her tweets of him.

It's sort of a cliche: loner girl, befriending the popular guy, but both characters were so refreshing to read. Ellie was unapologetically a pervert with her fantasies, and it's funny how Omi kept calling her a pervert yet he was unable to stay away from her. Omi's character is a perfection in front of everyone else, but he was snarky and selfish when in front of her. It's not to the point that his words would be harmful to Ellie though. There were parts where it can feel cringey, but I'm a sucker for cute romances anyway so I still had fun!

Both of them end up being comfortable around each other, but also embarrassed about their feelings as well. They're very easy to love and I like that Ellie managed to come out of her shell bit by bit, even befriending a new person all on her own. Compared to Ellie, I think that Omi didn't have much growth in this one—other than showing his true self to Ellie—but I believe that's being saved for future volumes of this manga.

Lovesick Ellie is a sweet and hilarious story, and I hope I can follow the story of Ellie and Omi more soon! Many thanks to Netgalley and Kodansha for the chance to read this book in exchange with my honest review.

  • My short thoughts for the other volumes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12


Title: Lovesick Ellie Vol. 1
Series: Lovesick Ellie #1
Author: Fujimomo
Publisher: Kodansha
Genres: Manga, Graphic Novel, Romance, Shoujo, Young Adult, Contemporary, Humor
Format: E-book
Publication Date: November 28th 2017
Pages: 178

Synopsis (Goodreads): Eriko Ichimura spends her high school days in complete obscurity. Her sole hobby is staring at handsome, smooth-spoken Akira "Omi-kun" Ohmi, and tweeting her daily fantasies under the screenname "Lovesick Ellie." One fateful day, she accidentally bears witness to Omi-kun's true self—and if that weren't enough, he sees her mortifying Twitter, too! Follow along with a plain, perverted girl, a two-faced boy, and their curious romance!


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