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January 2021 Haul 🌸🌿

Hello ₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎✼:♡*゚✿ The last time I prepared a haul post was January/February 2020; hard to believe that it's been a year already since then! Truthfully, thanks to the MCO (Movement Control Order) caused by the pandemic and being stuck at home, I splurged a lot last year. But because of the MCO too, I hadn't been productive much, hence I didn't bother writing any haul posts for the rest of the year.

I'm hoping I'll be able to write more this year though! So, here's the haul post for January 2021 ✨(◕▿◕✿)

1. Nivea Soothing Cleansing Oil with Natural Grape Seed Oil

I've tried Nivea's Nourishing Cleansing Oil with Natural Macadamia Oil previously (my sister's) and I quite liked it. So I wanted to try the one with natural grape seed oil as it's made for sensitive skin. The scent of this one was not as good as the one with natural macadamia oil, but I still love the texture of it. It's perfect to be used for double cleansing.

I also like the feature of the bottle as you can lock it, preventing it from spilling if you'd like to bring it for travel. 

+ Purchased from Watsons 

2. Books, books, books!

I got myself four books in January—three of them are review copies from Pansing, and one from a friend.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven has always been one of my most favourite books, so when the author released a new book, I really wanted to get it. I was lucky when one of my friends was giving away her copy, I immediately let her know that I wished to have it. Can't wait to read Breathless soon!

The Elephant in the Room, House of Hollow and Concrete Rose were sent to me back in December, but due to certain reasons, I only received them in January. I've already read all three books, and my reviews for The Elephant in the Room and Concrete Rose are now available.

3. Clothing Rack

My old clothing rack had started leaning on one side (I probably have too much clothes already...) so I decided to purchase a new one. I got a white one this time since my mum said it would look neater, and I'm very happy with this purchase!

I'll try not to hang too much clothes this time, I guess.

+ Purchased from zeonline on Shopee; product currently sold out

4. 'Serene', 'Reverie', 'Nebula' & 'Hidden' Gold Enamel Pins

All these enamel pins are from @kazel_ on Instagram, but I didn't purchase them directly from the artist. I got these from a seller on Carousell who sold all four pins for only RM20! That was the cheapest price I paid for enamel pins, and I'm so delighted that they turned out to be absolutely stunning!

Can be purchased at @kazel_'s Etsy

5. Shell Resin Pin

Was browsing around Mr. DIY when I came across this small shell-shaped resin pin. I think it looks really pretty, so I bought it on an impulse.

Purchased at Mr. DIY

6. Scented Candles

I'm happy to say that I managed to overcome my fear of lighting up candles this month, and I got myself two new candles! The one on the left is a hand-poured soy candle from Le Flame Candles and it has a rich aroma of coffee mixed with a sweet scent of vanilla. Definitely one of the most scrumptious candle scent I've ever encountered! 

The candle on the right is a vanilla wax candle, and although it's not as lovely as the one from Le Flame Candles, I still love it's version of soft sweet vanilla.

I think I'll prefer to have soy candles instead of wax candles from now on.

You can also watch my unboxing video of the Morning Coffee candle on my YouTube channel: here!

+ Morning Coffee candle purchased from Le Flame Candles on Shopee
+ Vanilla candle purchase from IKEA

7. Earrings 

TMI: I used to have four piercings (one on my left ear, three on my right ear) but since I have very sensitive skin, I had to take them out and now I believe the holes are covered already.

Which means that I won't be able to wear these earrings. But I bought them anyway because they looked cute! I think they'll end up being used as a hanging ornament or wall decor for my room.

Purchased at Mr. DIY

8. BTS Jungkook 2021 New Year's Eve Live Postcard

This is part of the 2021 New Year's Eve Live Merch Postcard Set, but since the whole set costs a lot, I decided to get Jungkook's postcard only from a seller who was taking orders for loose set. I just can't say no to Jungkook with long hair—I'm obsessed! ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)━♡。゚.*・。゚ᵕ꒳ᵕ~

+ Purchased from dntrbl on Carousell

9. Photocards of Lovely Bois

I initially paid for two Jungkook (BTS) photocards, but the seller made a mistake and sent me one of Jin's (BTS) instead. Didn't manage to get a refund because the seller went MIA, but I love Jin anyway so it's okay. Guess I'll have to keep searching for Jungkook's Version 2 photocard from their MOTS: 7 album then ¯\_(ಥ‿ಥ)_/¯

So happy to finally get a merch of Chani (SF9); he looks absolutely adorable wearing that yellow beret ♥⌒ヽ(˘꒳˘ *) I don't really stan SF9 as a whole, but I love their songs and Chani and Rowoon snatched my heart, so it's nice to have these photocards of Chani. Will find something of Rowoon's soon!

Thanks to watching A Love So Beautiful (Korean ver.), I also found myself falling for Yohan (WEi, formerly X1) as he's just too cute to resist! It resulted in an impulsive purchase of his photocards from when he was still in X1. I decided to stan his current group WEi as well, and I can't wait for their first comeback at the end of this month ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Eunsang's (formerly X1) photocards were bought together with Yohan's as the seller wanted to clear her photocards quickly and offered me a cheap price for all of them. I know nothing about Eunsang, but I agreed to purchase them since he looks cute anyway. I might resell or give them away to someone who actually loves him soon, so if you're a fan of Eunsang, do let me know!

+ Jungkook and Jin photocards from alexxkpop on Carousell
+ Chani photocards from woonlurv on Carousell
+ Yohan and Eunsang photocards from ffflxx on Carousell

10. Laptop Pouch

I haven't had a laptop bag in a long time, and since the laptop bag that I borrowed from my older sister started to disintegrate, I believed it was time get a new bag. My sister suggested getting a pouch instead of a bag, and I came across this one while browsing through Shopee.

It's colour is a pretty shade of pink, and it fits my laptop perfectly! It's a bit unfortunate that I couldn't fit in the charging cable as well, but I have another pouch to keep my charging cable and other essential things related to my laptop (mouse, drawing tablet, earphone, etc.) so there was no problem. The material of this pouch is also of high quality! I think I'll be able to use this pouch for a long time.

+ Purchased from on Shopee

11. Air Humidifier

I've always wanted to have an air humidifier for my room, and my older sister bought one for me. It has an adorable cat shape that can even light up! It works perfectly, although I'm not so sure if it made any changes to my room.

+ Purchased from Watsons

12. Purple Hoodie

I got this purple hoodie to match with my best friend, Nick! It was her birthday on the 15th of January, so I wanted to get something for her, and settled with getting matching hoodies for us. The colour is very pretty and the material is also soft and comfy to wear, perfect for cold weathers!

Honestly have no idea what the words on the sleeve are supposed to mean, but I love it when there are words/patterns/designs etched on sleeves so I find it cute anyway.

+ Purchased from on Shopee

13. BTS 2021 Season's Greeting — Photobook and Calendar

Unlike last year when I got the full set for BTS Season's Greeting, I decided to only get the photobook and calendar this year. I really love their retro concept for this year's season's greeting, and although I wish I had gotten the full set anyway, I'm still happy with these two!

I made a flip-through video for the calendar and photobook on my YouTube channel: here! You can watch it if you're interested to know the contents of the calendar and photobook.

+ Purchased from jungoossoul on Carousell


That's all for January 2021 ✨ I had a fun time editing the pictures for this post; I might continue with the colourful doodles for my next haul posts. Thank you for taking your time to read this post until the end!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

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