Monday, March 30, 2020

Jan & Feb 2020 Haul ✨ (Part 1)

I've decided to combine my January and February hauls into a single post because I have mixed up the things between these two months, but I end up separating them into two anyway since there's quite a lot of them. Here we go °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

1. Namjoon: "Moon Daddy" Enamel Pin

This enamel pin is designed by yours truly, and it's officially my first rainbow plated pin! I took the risk of self-funding these babies and although it almost broke my whole bank account, I had zero regrets over them. They turned out stunning, especially under direct sunlight! Because of the rainbow plating, some of them look more purplish, while others look more greenish and some even have yellow hues on them. I would say that this is my favourite among other pins I've produced.

Also, the name was actually meant as a joke since ARMY's are used to calling Joon as Moonchild. I 

+ Check out my pin shop at: Instagram | Twitter
+ You can purchase one of your own at Shopee (for Malaysians) and Etsy (International)

2. GFriend: "Sunrise" Enamel Pin

Another enamel pin by yours truly! This design was one of the earliest that I've made for Fish Cookie Pins, inspired by GFriend's Sunrise music video (stream here!), but I revamped it slightly in order to simplify it and reduce the production cost. This was also self-funded by myself, because let's face it, girl group pins rarely get much attention compared to boy groups. It was a risk of course, knowing the fact that I may not be able to sell these out, but I hold the girls very dearly in my heart and I knew I needed a GFriend pin anyway, hence these are pushed forward into production anyway.

This batch of pins are the best I've received from my manufacturer, almost 80% of the pins are standard grades and flawless looking. The cut-outs are also close to perfection, and I definitely have no regrets producing them.

+ Check out my pin shop at: Instagram | Twitter
+ You can purchase one of your own at Shopee (for Malaysians) and Etsy (International)

3. Seokjin & Areum Enamel Pin

This pin was neither designed nor produced by me, although I am currently selling it in my shop! I had a friend who had some issues and needed help in selling them, so I took over. They're the cutest little pins, design inspired by a scene in BTS World. 

They're being sold at a cheap price, so please do consider getting one if you collect (BTS) enamel pins. Every RM20/$5 will be used for my friend's medical bills and other important things.

+ You can purchase one of your own at Shopee (for Malaysians) and Etsy (International)

4. GOT7: "Call My Name" Enamel Pin

Technically, I received these GOT7 pins just a few days before we reached 2020. But since I never prepared for my December '19 haul post, I decided to include them with this post.

This design was inspired by their most recent comeback, and I can happily agree that this is the biggest pin that I have produced. They're big sparkly bois ✨

+ Check out my pin shop at: Instagram | Twitter
+ You can purchase one of your own at Shopee (for Malaysians) and Etsy (International)

5. Sunrise Postcards

These postcards are part of the freebies that I gave out to those who pre-ordered my GFriend: Sunrise pins. The design was based on the vinyl record case that SinB held in Sunrise music video. I included some part of my favourite lyrics as well.

I'm still contemplating whether to add this to my shop, because I got plenty of them still.

+ Part of a freebie from my pin shop: Instagram | Twitter

6. BTS: Everything You Need to Know About the Kings of K-Pop

This came as a late Christmas gift from Pansing, the company that often sends me books to review in exchange of honest reviews. They're aware that I'm much in love with BTS, so this was already the fourth BTS-related book that they sent my way!

I believe that this book would make a good guide for those who wish to get to know the boys better; the things compiled in it were definitely by a true ARMY and not just another person trying to make profit off of their popularity without actually knowing much of them. I had fun reliving back the memories that BTS had with ARMY.

+ Available in most good bookstores

7. Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream – Guesthouse Laundry

I love handcreams and the scent of fresh laundry. When I found this while tagging along my friends into an Innisfree store, I knew it would be perfect for me. And I happily approve that it is now my favourite scented handcream! I used a single tube for 3 months; will definitely purchase a new one soon!

+ Purchased in Innisfree physical store

8. Cactus Pen and Dragon Pen

I love hoarding cute stationery, so it was no surprise when I purchased these two pens! They're both black gel pens.

+ Purchased from Miniso

9. Date Stamp and Pink Ink Pad

I've been trying to get into bullet journalling this year using my six-ring diary from BTS Season's Greetings 2020, and decided to buy this date stamp for it. The pink ink is a bit too pale, but I still prefer to use pink than black or blue ink.

+ Date stamp from Miniso; Pink Ink Pad from Mr. DIY

10. Bio Essence Bio-Water Mist

I think I've featured this previously in at least one of my haul posts, because I often buy it. I normally buy the smallest size, but since it was out of stock that time, I decided to buy the medium size. It didn't actually fit my makeup bag, but it is better than I'm able to use it much longer compared to the small size.

+ Available in all drugstores; purchased mine at Watsons

11. Nivea Peach Lip Balm with Brown Otter Case

I've always wanted Nivea's Peach lip balm (I had my own reason why I didn't buy it before) but when I saw LINE Friend's Brown in an Otter costume as the lip balm case, I was sold. I needed it. Loved the lip balm so much, and the case definitely made it so much better since I'm now able to hang it on my handbag or makeup bag and reapply my lip balm easily whenever I needed to.

+ Purchased at Watsons

12. Enamel Pins, Strap Keychains and Stickers by Tae.Bot

My pin maker friend, Sher, was kind enough to send all these lovely things my way 💗 We planned a Taehyung fankit December last year, but didn't end up making it, so decided to exchange a few things to appreciate each other. 

The Jungkook and Jimin Muster enamel pins are so smol, they're so cute! I've also never had strap keychains before, and these two turned out very pretty.

+ Gifted by

13. Acrylic Keychains, Button Badge and Stickers by Mooncherrytae

Another pin maker friend of mine, Lav, sent these pretty things in my way. Lav was the one who initially planned the Taehyung fankit project, and I'm grateful to be included. Her glittery Beyond the Scene acrylic keychain is my favourite; it's now hanging on my wallet.

+ Gifted by @mooncherrytaeshop


I'll be continuing with Part 2 very soon! Stay tuned (๑✧◡✧๑)

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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    1. I'm not sure which enamel pin you're referring to since there's a lot in this post, but thank you so much anyway! ♡