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September '18 Haul šŸŒ¼

This is long over due, we're already in November, but I had prepared this post halfway earlier, so I'll just post anyway.

So, here we go! The glory to the reason why I'm currently chaining myself in a "shopping-ban" (ļ¾‰ļ¾ŸĪæļ¾Ÿ)ļ¾‰ļ¾★ I simply bought just too much to the point I almost burned a hole in my pockets. I realised that I should curb myself from spending more, or I might end up being penniless (oh the horror). But what's done is done, there's no point regretting (♭´●Ļ‰●`)

1. Hedgehog Sticky-Note

This adorable Hedgy sticky note is the very first time that I bought this month! Found it in this pretty story named Kaleidoscope in Publika. I swear I almost cried the moment I stepped into the store because everything they sell is too precious! From plushies, dolls, clothings, bags to stationery, each and every of them are beautiful; I WANT THEM ALL. But thankfully, I didn't bring much cash with me that day so I just purchased this sticky note. I'm happy enough and can't wait to use it soon.

— Purchased from Kaleidoscope, Publika Shopping Gallery

2. Special Mementos by Duality Box @ Juliet's Library's Soft Launch

If you've read my previous haul posts, you'll know just how fond I am with Duality Box. And during Juliet's Library's soft launch early September, the founders of Duality Box graced us with some wonderful freebies!

The mermaid themed freebies, inspired by the book of the month: To Kill a Kingdom, includes a mini bookmark, button badge, mini macaroons and a love note. The first thing that I noticed upon receiving these freebies was the mini macaroons! They looked so pretty and almost unreal, I had to question whether they're edible or not (´◔ą±Ŗ◔) it was a good surprise to know that they're edible because I love macaroons so much! The rest of the freebies are much loved too ♡

— Received during Juliet's Library's Soft Launch

3. 'Always Believe You Can' Notebook 

I'm not usually lucky when it comes to lucky draws/giveaways, but surprisingly, I won this book during the lucky draw on Juliet's Library's Soft Launch. I was the first to win something, and boy, I was so excited! The notebook is gorgeous, the gold colour of it making it look very sophisticated. And I love the lettering on the front cover. Still not sure how to make use of this book (since I have tons more book to use), but I'll make sure to put it to good use.

— Won from a lucky draw during Juliet's Library's Soft Launch

4. Washi Tapes & Foil Tapes

Decided to buy some supplies for my journalling time! Found these pretty tapes in a nearby Mr. DIY for a cheap price, and I wasted no time in getting them. The washi tapes are of cute plants, and the foil tapes are very shiny! I have never had foil tapes before, so I can't wait to try using them.

Oh, and if you're interested in winning one of these pretty washi/foil tapes, head to my Instagram @mermaird and join my giveaway!

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

5. Bookmark

For someone who normally uses a single bookmark, it's surprising that I still spend more money on collecting more bookmarks (well, I can't help it, seeing as I'm a bookworm and also a hoarder). But this pretty one costs only RM1 and I've always wanted to own a "wooden-ish" bookmark, so here we go! I'm not sure what the design is about though; a girl with a... standing deer?

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

6. Unicorn, Llama & Mermaid Sticky-Notes

More supplies for my journal! They're all of creatures that I'm very fond of: mermaids, llamas and unicorns!

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

7. Doughnut Sticky-Note

Of course, more sticky notes ╮(◕Ė‡▽Ė‡◕;)╭ Well, there is no such thing as too many sticky notes (or any other journal supplies), I believe! I also comes with a small pen, which means extra points there. I'm thinking of using this to make notes for the plot line & idea of a story that I want to work on. Looking forward to fill up the walls of my room with this adorable doughnut stickies! 

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

8. Die-cut Stickers

I guess the stationery supplies for my journal will never end, here comes the stickers! (⁎ įµ› įµ• įµ›) This is also the reason why I shouldn't visit any Mr. DIY stores (or Daiso!) too much, or I'll just end up splurging a lot on stationery there. How can I resist when they're too pretty and costs very cheap too?

I initially wanted to take only one sticker set, but my indecisive-self could not make a decision so I decided to take both. Let's face it, I will never be able to choose between anything floral or mermaid related. 

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

9. Pink & Mint Stripes Mini Bag

This is a small bag that I bought mostly to put my makeup things and book (and sometimes food) when I go to class.

— Purchased from a local vendor

10. BTS Play Badges by @Lunaticworld613

I SWEAR THESE ARE SOME OF THE PRETTIEST PINS I HAVE EVER OWNED ✨✨✨ @Lunaticworld613 produced BTS Play Badges with all BTS's album designs, and though I wished I could purchase all, I could only afford two. I decided to choose HYYH Pt. 1 and YNWA designs because these two era are the most meaningful to me.

HYYH Pt. 1 was when I formally joined the fandom of ARMY, despite following their updates and comebacks since the Boy in Luv era. I fell in love with the concept and story they tried to project, so here I am now šŸ’œ YNWA is my favourite era of BTS because it was the softest moment and Spring Day will always have a special day in my heart šŸ’œ✨

The details of these pins are truly stunning, they're just the sweetest! Heard the news that @Lunaticworld613 will be releasing Play Badges for LY: Her, LY: Tear and LY: Answer soon, so a girl must start collecting money to own all three ─=≡Ī£((( Vą¹‘◉∀◉)恤

— Ordered from a G.O. by @chimchimairways, enamel pins by @Lunaticworld613

11. Best Friends Jacket Enamel Pins

More enamel pins, because why not? I've been eyeing this pair of enamel pins for quite some time, and I finally decided to get them. I'm planning to give one half to my soul sister, Hyeo, when I send her a letter. Haven't gotten to that yet, but if you're reading this Hyeo (probably no because you're too busy), one of these pins will be sent to you anytime soon šŸ’–

— Ordered from @verypinny

12. Freebies by Good Virtues Co.

I'm really fond of Good Virtues Co.'s product packaging, but somehow I rarely purchase them. I used to buy their shower cream back when I stayed in my previous college, but not anymore. It was really interesting that my university just organised an event in September and Good Virtues Co. sponsored some of their products for the students. Look at the pretty packaging!

— Sponsored by Good Virtues Co. for an event in UiTM

13. Gaun Bulan by Jed Stellarose & Malam Persembunyian by Faisal Mat Zawi

When I first visited Kata-Pilar's booth (in the same event my university held where I got the previous products for free), these two books immediately caught my attention. I love the design of the cover so much. Even the title, Gaun Bulan (Moon Gown) and Malam Persembunyian (Hidden Night), sounded intriguing! 

These books are poetry books, and I normally take a much longer time to finish reading poetry books compared to novels as I like to digest every single poems properly. But I'll be sure to write a review on them once I finish reading them! 

— Purchased from Kata-Pilar's booth

14. Aku Anjing by Saifullizan Yahaya (Signed Copy)

I probably bought this book for two reasons: 1) my friends were buying it too and I didn't want to miss it, 2) the author is around so we managed to get his signature inside! I did flip through the book a little, and the short stories inside seemed interesting enough, so there's nothing to regret even though I simply followed my friends. Plus, it's a signed copy! I always treasure signed book copies, and although this is only the third signed copy of a book that I own, it's the first one that gets signed in front of me. 

— Purchased at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur

15. Silver Heart Necklace 

I have always envied girls in movies, tv shows or books that wore necklaces that means something special to them (in some cases, hold their greatest powers). I do have a collection of pretty necklaces, but I can never wear them in a long duration of time because they will make my skin itchy. But a girl never gives up, so I decided to try my luck by buying a silver necklace. The shop owner where I bought it also suggested several heart-shaped lockets, and I chose this one. 

It makes me very happy that this necklace does not make my skin itchy at all, and I'm able to wear it 24/7! It's a dainty little one, and I love it with all my heart. 

— Purchased from a jewellery store in Giant Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

16. Oversized Pink & White Striped Tee 

I'm a huge fan of stripes, and I used to avoid wearing clothes with horizontal lines since they give me the illusion of being fat (fatter than I already am ・ćø・). But I've decided that I should not bother about that because hey, I'm good as I am and I should embrace myself! So, I got myself this oversized pink tee when I found it in Padini, and it's one of the cutest clothes I've ever had.

— Purchased from Padini

17. Floral Blouse

Another blouse that I purchased during the month, featuring flowers design and ruffles (it's not really visible in the picture). It's not something that I've bought before, but I felt cute when I tried the blouse on, so I had to get it. 

— Purchased from Brands Outlet

18. Duality Box September '18 Edition: Dangerously Alive

Of course, last but not least, September Duality Box! More deets can be read here, I've written a special review unboxing post on it during September. This box is my favourite, as it features so many fabulous things. It's upsetting to say that this is the last box I'm getting for the year, since I didn't order November box due to several circumstances (it's already sold out too!). 

But Duality Box has indeed been a wonderful thing to me this year, and I look forward to their future boxes šŸ’•

— Ordered from Duality Box (Instagram / Website)


Honestly, I think I missed out several things. I'm positive I spent a lot more in September (because wHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO?), but I can no longer recall them. I did exclude a pair of pink shoes that I bought because I've already worn them, and I'm too lazy to take a picture outside. The rest of them will remain a mystery, I guess ą²”_ą²”

Anyway, I'm late for this September haul post, but October haul post will come right up real soon! Stay tuned šŸ’›

P.S: I used a lot of emojis in this post because that's just how I am when I try to communicate with someone (my texts are always filled with emojis), do you find it alright, or it's annoying?

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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