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October '18 Haul ❁

It may look like I still spent a lot during October, after announcing that I'm on shopping-ban during September. But I speak truth, because honestly, I didn't spend too much in October. Most of the books are free review copies that I received, some other things are paid by someone else or given to me, and as for the albums, they were ordered way back so it literally means I didn't spend my money on them this month. That's just my kind of logic ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ

1. Nano White Fresh Mattifying Moisturiser

Even though I mostly prefer to use Aloe Vera gels as my moisturiser, I occasionally change to different kind of moisturisers just for fun. This time, I wanted to try Nano White Fresh's Mattifying Moisturiser. 

After using it for several weeks, I finally noticed that this moisturiser is actually catered for oily skin, which is not meant for me because my skin is dry. Thankfully, it works pretty well on my face. It's quite creamy, but not heavy at all. Not quite sure if it is "mattifying", but I have no complaints for this product. 

— Purchased from Guardians

2. Maybelline's Baby Lips Color

Bought this one to use during the times when I'm extra lazy to even put on lipstick (it is necessary because I'd look deathly pale without anything on my lips). I've always liked Maybelline's Baby Lips products, but after losing one of the lipsticks a couple of years back, I haven't bought one any longer. 

I like the colour of this one, but I'm not really fond of the scent. Can't quite explain how it smells like but it's not too bad so I'm okay with it.

— Purchased from Guardians

3. GOT7's 7 For 7 Albums - Golden Ver. & Magic Ver.

After so long, my inner Ahgase is finally resurrected (thanks to a certain someone)! I found these albums for a cheap price and decided to buy one for my fellow Ahgase best friend too ♡ The golden version (left) is hers, while the magic version (right) is mine. 

Honestly I have no regrets at all. This album is definitely the prettiest out of all other existing GOT7 albums (excluding Present: You because I haven't seen that one yet) and I am so in love with each and every picture in them! Love the fact that I got to pick our biases (my friend's bias is Jackson, and Yugyeom is my bias) for the lyrics book inside and gosh, everything is absolutely stunning ◟(•̀д•́◟ )

— Purchased from @jiaxinkoay_1011 on Carousell

4. BTS' Love Yourself: Answer Album - E Ver.

To be honest, after LY: Her, I've sworn not to buy any more albums, but I could no longer contain my urge when I saw the teaser photos of LY: Answer. I was like, screw it, I NEED THIS ALBUM. And so I got myself one (because my bank account only allows me to pay enough for one). I chose the E version because the concept is utterly ethereal looking, the boys all look like magical fae creatures trapped in beautiful terrariums. 

I also love the part where the boys' hands are tied up with laces, they look like puppets or dolls, but very beautiful ones. The CDs are absolutely lovely too, the holographic effect they give are just wonderful. I love every single detail of this album, but it did feel like there were too little pictures included. I need more ヾ(*д*)ノ゛

And for the forth time, I pulled out another Taehyung (V) photocard! I do love this man wholeheartedly, but it's about time I pull out Jimin's photocard please, he's the only missing member in my collection. After much deliberation, I decided to sell off the photocard to someone else because I failed to trade it with a Jimin photocard. 

— Purchased from @moshi.kimochi.kshop on Carousell

5. BTS' O!RUL8,2? Album

And because I've broken my swear not to buy albums anymore, I've decided to start collecting Bangtan's older albums too. I opt for preloved ones without photocards and posters, because it's cheaper that way. 

I was not yet an ARMY when O!RUL8,2? and N.O were released, but it still makes me feel nostalgic when I received this album. Seeing how different they were back then compared to now warms up my heart a lot. Their concepts back then were mostly rough on the edges, but really, they were still too innocent back then. Bangtan is a lot mature now, and it's amazing to see their growth.

I used to dislike hip hop or rough songs, but I guess when you love someone (or a certain seven amazingly beautiful men), even that can change. I treasure this album a lot, mainly because it's the early sides of Bangtan, and also because the pictures inside are so worth it! Compared to current albums where I'm literally begging for more pictures to be added let's-stop-giving-blank-pages-please, O!RUL8,2? makes me feel much satisfaction. 

— Purchased from @rachel_zhiqian on Carousell

6. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson, American Panda by Gloria Chao, The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton, Cloud Boy by Marcia Williams & The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge

So happy to receive these review copies from Pansing! I can't wait to dive into them, I feel like it's been quite a while since I enjoyed my time reading books. Looking forward to love each and every bit of them ❣

The Restless Girls and American Panda are now available in all good bookstores, while A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, Cloud Boy and The Twisted Tree will be released in 2019.

— Received from Pansing (@definitelybooks)

7. Wanginya, Bunga Rampai... by Haswida Abu Bakar

The author of this book is actually one of the lecturers from my faculty in university. With her permission, my teammates and I are going to adapt it into a drama script! I'm not that confident in writing scripts, but I'm working the best I can, so hopefully all things will go well.

— Ordered from Jemari Seni's website

8. Patches

I think patches are very cute! Especially on denim jackets or bag packs. Since I have yet to own a denim jacket, I bought these patches for my bag pack. They're very pretty, aren't they? I also got them for a cheap price so I'm very happy.

"FIGHT like a GIRL" because yes, girls are definitely stronger than you think. "Go away" on a pink heart because I may be a softhearted person, but at some point I need my time alone so please go away. Pusheen on a burger!, because why not? I'm almost sure that "Trust no one" is making reference to X-Files, but I don't watch the series so I'm just going to take the quote literally. Literally, most people can no longer be trusted these days. A random sunset/sunrise by the ocean because I miss going to the beaches a lot. And lastly, Moon Child because that's just who I am. Not long after I bought these patches, Namjoon (RM) released his newest mixtape Mono. and one of his songs is titled Moon Child. Just a mere coincidence, but it means a lot to me ♡

— Purchased at The Curve Weekend Bazaar 

9. Horoscope Perfume by Miniso - Sagittarius

I rarely wear perfumes, so most of the times where I buy perfumes, they're mostly because of the packaging. I bought this one while hanging out with a friend. She got herself her own horoscope one, while I chose Sagittarius. I don't necessarily read any horoscope readings, I just bought this one for fun. It has a sweet smell, and I love that the design happened to be a cute bunny too!

— Purchased from Miniso

10. Bracelet 

This was given to me by a very dear friend. She actually contacted me to ask for opinions on which bracelet is cuter, so I pointed one out and it turned out to be mine after all. I think it's very cute. Thank you so much for this!

— A present from a friend


Basically, the only things that I spent my money on during October are the patches, the horoscope perfume from Miniso and the novel (Wanginya, Bunga Rampai...). I think I did a good job in keeping myself in check. Not so sure if I'll be able to keep on with this good attitude, but I'm hoping I'll learn to save more now.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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