Title: The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree
Author: Paola Peretti (translated by Denise Muir)
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Genres: Childrens, Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: August 9th, 2018
Pages: 256

Synopsis (Goodreads): A novel for all ages about a young girl losing her sight, inspired by the author's own life story. For fans of Wonder, The Little Prince and The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly.

Mafalda is a nine-year-old girl who knows one thing: some time in the next six months her sight will fail completely. Can Mafalda find a way through a seemingly dark future and still go to school, play football and look after her beloved cat? With the help of her family, and her friends, Mafalda needs to discover the things that will be important to her when her sight has failed. A moving, empowering tale of courage and determination that will inspire young and old.


My rating: 5 / 5 ★

There are good reasons as to why it took me almost a month to finish reading The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree: The first one would be my book slump. Even from the start, I had loved this book, but I was slightly stressed due to uni so I could not read much. Secondly, almost each chapter of this book made me tear up. It was hard for me to flip through the pages quickly as all I felt was to cry my heart out. This book breaks me, in the softest and warmest way possible.

The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree is about little Mafalda who has been diagnosed with the Stargardt disease and how she struggles to get used to her progressively vision loss. It is a story of how a girl has to learn to be independent and how she copes with it emotionally and physically. It's hard to swallow that people as young as Mafalda had to go through such a rough journey, and the fact that this story is inspired by the author's own experience made it more genuine and sincere. It had never occurred to me how people with visual impairment had to live their lives, and I believe these people are very strong.

Nine years old Mafalda is a sweet girl, but due to her condition, she had no best friend. It breaks my heart to see how lonely she feels, and how she longed to have someone next to her now that the darkness is taking over her. Her "talks" with a fiction character, Cosimo, is enough to make me tear up. So, when Filippo comes along with his own merry spirit and curiousity, it delights me that both children connects with each other. The same goes for Estella, one of the school caretaker that befriends Mafalda. Her character plays a rather large role in shaping Mafalda to be stronger and I am truly thankful towards her. Mafalda's friendship with Estella and Filippo made me feel warm, and there you go, I'm crying again.

The story progresses as Mafalda loses more of her vision, and even though this is a children's literature, the language and words spun to describe the experience of the girl feels mature, yet we can still be aware that she is still only nine years old. Mafalda may be scared of the darkness threatening to take her in, but she still faces it head on with much courage, though she only realised it later that she is actually not giving up at all. "Fear will always be there, but live your life. Never ever give up." These messages are possibly highlighted throughout the story.

All in all, I really feel deeply emotional towards this book. The characters, the plot and the issues contained in the story is warm, heartbreaking and bittersweet. Almost every chapter did make me tear up, but the ending is very touching to the point that I actually cried in public. It's more than I hoped, and I just love the ending as much as I love everything about The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree. To Paola Peretti, you might never read this, but I am utterly grateful for this story and the message it carried within. They say experience matures you, and I believe your own experience made this story so beautifully woven and it thought me a lot of good things. I hope you'll live your life with more happy moments, because you deserve it 

This book is definitely one of the prettiest books that I own. I love every single part of it, from the front cover till the back, everything is too beautiful. The illustrations are truly remarkable!

Thank you Pansing for providing me with this review copy. The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree is available in all good bookstores. I believe that I can recommend this book to all ages, especially to younger readers because it contains great morals and you'll find yourself warming up with the characters in no time.


"To live in fear, Mafalda, is not to live at all."
I have a massive smile on my face and prickling in my eyes. To live in fear is not to live at all, to live in fear is not to live at all... I'm not sure I understand the story about the scribe's cat but it's nice and it makes me tingle, like Filippo's music.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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  • Drama: Come and Hug Me
  • Revised romanization: Yiriwa Anajwoe
  • Hangul: 이리와 안아줘
  • Director: Choi Joon-Bae
  • Writer: Lee A-Ram
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: May 16 - July 19, 2018
  • Country: South Korea
  • Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A man and a woman suffers from wounded hearts due to a murder case that took place in their past. The man is a detective and the woman is a popular actress. 

    When Do-Jin (Chang Ki-Yong) and Jae-Yi (Jin Ki-Joo) were high school students, they were each other's first love. Do-Jin's father Hee-Jae (Heo Jun-Ho) was a psychopath and killed Jae-Yi's parents. Do-Jin and Jae-Yi were separated afterwards. 

    Now, Do-Jin works as a detective. He treats the victim's family with care. This is his way of atoning for his father's horrific act. Meanwhile, Jae-Yi works as an actress. She followed in the footsteps of her late mother who was a famous actress. Since her parents' deaths, Jae-Yi has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

    Do-Jin and Jae-Yi meet again.
My rating: 2/5 stars (★) 

I started watching Come and Hug Me when I noticed the multiple good reviews and feedback on it. I had a high expectation on it and this drama did live up to it, though only during the first half of it. I grew obsessed with it, loving every thrilling part of it at first, but halfway through it's full showtime, my interest on it simply stopped.

Do-Jin (Chang Ki-Yong) and Jae-Yi (Jin Ki-Joo) met each other for the first time in high school, when she moved to his town. It was not hard to become fond of Jae-Yi's character, she's always bubbly and mischievous. The same goes for Do-Jin, he's quiet most of the time, but very kind-hearted. I rooted for their relationship as I feel that they compliment each other very well. 

And then all hell breaks lose when Do-Jin's father murdered Jae-Yi's parents, hence destroying both teenager's lives. It broke me apart, and I felt immensely sad about it as both of them didn't deserve any of what they had to go through. 

I love the whole idea of a murderous father and the tragic love between the two main character, but I feel that they were executed rather poorly in the drama. It felt like the scriptwriter and director did not do enough research on how to make the events unfold realistically. A policeman that is involved personally to a case should not be handling the case, but Do-Jin ends up leading the case of his father's murders. It was truly absurd! Jae-Yi's brother, a prosecuter, also handled the same case when in reality, it was his own parents that were murdered. Realistically, wouldn't both of their sense of judgement be clouded with vengeance and hatred?

Though I admit that I am fond of Jae-Yi's character when she is young, I started to dislike her character as an adult. She claims that she is terrified and traumatised with what happened to her, but she never did hire at least a bodyguard to protect her. As a famous actress with lots of money, shouldn't it be a given to hire someone for your safety? But all she did was expect Do-Jin to constantly come and save her. They tried to make her character seem brave and strong, but all I get is a weak and stubborn woman instead. 

Moreover, it did not make any sense that young Jae-Yi is not angry at all at young Do-Jin. I mean, your parents were killed because your befriended the murderer's son, shouldn't you feel angry even the tiniest bit towards the boy? It would be okay if she learned to forgive him as she grew up, because it is true that he is not at fault, but to accept it immediately after watching your parents being murdered, I don't think even an adult is capable of forgiving in that situation. Jae-Yi's character is definitely the most absurd, and at one point I just grew tired of her. 

From the reviews and feedback that I read, it seemed that most audience enjoyed the romance developed between Do-Jin and Jae-Yi. I beg to differ because not only that it is very slow (when I say slow, it is really slow. It drags the story in a very horrible way), I also think that most "romantic" scenes are unnecessary. A criminal is on the lose yet you still have time to profess your love for each other, to the point that you both are ignoring the people in danger around you?

What makes me actually scream in agony is the murderer himself, Do-Jin's father. As a criminal waiting for his execution, he seems to live his life rather lavishly in the prison. I don't even know if Koreans are very kind even to their criminals, but it just did not make any sense. He is bound to be executed, but even after 12 years, nothing happened to him. He even managed to escape, because apparently the policemen in this drama are all useless. It portrayed that these policemen are unprofessional and possibly cowards, making me more irritated. For goodness sake, the man murders people only using a hammer, yet he managed to kill so much. Is it that hard for a policeman to actually do his job by shooting the man down? Haven't you people actually watch a criminal show/movie before?

I have lost count on how many times I screamed and groaned through all the episodes. I don't even know how I managed to go through the torment until the last episode, but I did, and the ending was as horrible as I imagined it would be. In all honesty, this drama had a great potential, but the facts are executed poorly that it failed to be a strong criminal drama. This is possibly the worst crime drama that I have watched, and it is a real shame because I did enjoy the first several episodes.

Image result for come and hug me korean drama gif

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

Title: Snowglobe
Author: Amy Wilson
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Genres: Childrens, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: October 18th, 2018
Pages: 271

Synopsis (Goodreads): When daydreamer Clementine discovers a mysterious house standing in the middle of town that was never there before, she is pulled towards it by the powerful sense of a mother she never knew. The place is full of snowglobes, swirling with stars and snow and each containing a trapped magician, watched over by Gan, the bitter keeper of the house. One of these is Dylan, a boy who teases her in the real world but who is now desperate for her help.

So Clem ventures into the snowglobes, rescuing Dylan and discovering her own powerful connection to the magic of these thousand worlds. Vowing to release the magicians from the control of their enchantments, Clem unknowingly unleashes a struggle for power that will not only put her family, but the future of magic itself in danger.


My rating: 4 / 5 ★

Throughout my whole life, I have always find snowglobes to be a very magical thing. If I ever step inside any shops that sell snowglobes, you can definitely find me shaking all the snowglobes and staring in awe at the snow storms swirling inside the delicate glass orbs. That is the reason why I was so excited when I was offered the chance to review Snowglobe by Amy Wilson before it's published date! The synopsis was enough to let me know that I will definitely fall in love with the book.

Snowglobe tells a story about young Clementine who struggles with her magical powers, simply because she has no one to teach her about it. The only person that could have done it would be her mother, but she was no longer around since she was a toddler. The only remaining family she has left is her father, but he possesses no magic. She then happens to find a large house that seemed to pop out of nowhere and inside it she finds it to be full of snowglobes—which also contain trapped magicians. Somehow, she finds a boy that she recognises and upon trying to save him, the magical world threatens to destroy them instead.

To be honest, I might have misunderstood the book at first. I initially thought the story would be in the young adult section and that when the main female character saves the male character, love would bloom. Alas, I realised after I already dived into the story that Snowglobe is actually under children's literature and the love that is highlighted in it is mainly family love. There is nothing wrong with it though, the misunderstanding did not affect any of my feelings for this book.

It was slightly difficult for me to get into the story in the beginning because it has been so long since the last time I read any children's literature. But it took me no time to warm up with Clementine. Her headstrong character that is also brave and kindhearted is easily loved, and I found myself constantly anticipating her next actions. Despite her father's pleads for her to stop giving in to her true powers, she fought for what she think is rightfully hers. I am sure that if I have read this book when I was younger, I would have idolised Clementine.

There are so many good elements being part of this wonderful story. Family love and friendship would be the biggest part of it. The friendship that blooms between Clementine and Dylan warms me up, and I'm actually glad the story focuses only on them being friends. The bond and trust for each other that they created during the times they are trapped in the snowglobes are just delightful. Aside from that, there is also the element of forgiving others and accepting oneself as who they are. I believe that Snowglobe will be able to teach so many goodness to young readers.

And not to forget the magical snowglobes present in the story. Each snowglobe has its own kind of uniqueness and character, making the whole idea of snowglobes more enthralling. It makes me keep on getting curious as to what kind of world that Clementine and Dylan will find as they jump to the next snowglobe.

Overall, the whole world building and plotline of Snowglobe are so full of magical elements and wonder. I cannot help but be moved by its warmth as it is filled with so much emotions.

Thank you Pansing for providing me with this review copy. Snowglobe by Amy Wilson will soon be available in all good bookstores, starting from the 18th of October, 2018. If you're a person that is very fond of magical stories, this is just the right book for you. It is a children's literature, but I believe that anyone can read it and love it as much as I do.


“Never in a thousand years could I have imagined a place like this. It isn't just the way it looks; it's the way it breathes. The air moves, it sings with the song of a thousand worlds: with snowglobes, each one churned up as if it's just been shaken.”

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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Title: Snow White
Author: Matt Phelan
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
Genres: Young Adult, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: July 10th, 2018
Pages: 216

Synopsis (Goodreads): Award-winning graphic novelist Matt Phelan delivers a darkly stylized noir Snow White set against the backdrop of Depression-era Manhattan.

The scene: New York City. The dazzling lights cast shadows that grow ever darker as the glitzy prosperity of the Roaring Twenties screeches to a halt. Enter a cast of familiar characters: a young girl, Samantha White, returning after being sent away by her cruel stepmother, the Queen of the Follies, years earlier; her father, the King of Wall Street, who survives the stock market crash only to suffer a strange and sudden death; seven street urchins, brave protectors for a girl as pure as snow; and a mysterious stock ticker that holds the stepmother in its thrall, churning out ticker tape imprinted with the wicked words "Another . . . More Beautiful . . . KILL." In a moody, cinematic new telling of a beloved fairy tale, extraordinary graphic novelist Matt Phelan captures the essence of classic film noir on the page--and draws a striking distinction between good and evil.


My rating: 4 / 5 ★

Snow White by Matt Phelan is a retelling of the classic Snow White, in graphic version! This is my first time reading a graphic novel and I managed to read it three times in one seating, which took me barely ten minutes. Graphic novels are so easy to read through, especially for Snow White because there were little to none dialogues involved at all. The story is told solely through the graphics, which makes it more interesting.

I'm enthralled by the way the graphics managed to present the story smoothly. I believe that even if someone have never heard of Snow White before, they will still be able to grasp the classic story through Matt Phelan's work. Every little detail is present, and even without dialogues, the story still leaves a large impact on me.

Snow White is no longer a princess and her stepmother is no longer an evil queen in Matt Phelan's version of Snow White. The magic mirror is replaced with a stock ticker that somehow mysteriously churns out evil thoughts to Snow White's stepmother. Even the modernised version of the seven dwarfs becomes more interesting and emotional. There may be less dialogues, but the actions portrayed are more than enough to make the story as powerful as the classic tale. Maybe even better than that.

My only problem would be how the "prince" found Snow White and woke her up. Based on the events unfold, it is a given that he found her, but as to the exact reason why she suddenly woke up, it was rather vague. I still think a backstory should have been involved for this matter instead of following the classic tale where the prince woke her up with a kiss. But nonetheless, the ending is definitely better than the classic because Snow White took in her seven friends with her, making it a very warm closure.

Overall, I absolutely loved Snow White by Matt Phelan. I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up again any time because it barely take much time to complete the read, and the graphics are just too lovely. There were not many colours used, but the story still feels much alive to me. I enjoyed it to bits!

Many thanks to Pansing for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is available at all good bookstores.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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It's finally the time to unbox another Duality Box ♡ I received this box early last week, but uni had me all over the place, I couldn't find a proper time to take pictures. The moment I had some free time, I immediately took the chance to prepare a special post for this amazing box that is full of magic and happiness! ✨

"September box is all about being wanted and constantly living on the edge. Imagine making one small mistake and costing your life." — Duality Box, 2018.

Dangerously Alive is the theme for September box, and I got to say, this is one hell of a fabulous theme! I love anything dangerous and badass (as long as I am not the one in danger), and Duality Box proved that their version of dangerous-ness totally lived up to my expectation. In fact, I think they made it 200 times better than I expected. It seems that a theme colour was included too among the merchandise: purple! This colour has never looked this gorgeous 😍

From the previous boxes, the details of the merchandises are always on the back of the main artwork for the theme, so when this time, the back of it was blank, I got confused. I had to dig in to find this "Stolen" piece of paper and it just made the experience a lot more fun because it's as if we Dualities did actually steal these stuff! 

— Theme art designed by @parvaillust

So, let's move on to the "stolen" things:

1. Booksleeve of Everless

This is definitely the most anticipated item! All my life, I've always wanted something, a pouch maybe, to keep my books especially if I bring one during travelling times. It never occurred to me a book sleeve can actually exist, but it is a thing now. In fact, it surely is a must for any bookworms! I was ecstatic the moment Duality Box team announced about the book sleeve, they're really good in knowing what we book lovers need.

To be honest, I was not fond with the design of this book sleeve at first. I wanted something more vibrant and colourful. But then I found the matching cloth bookmark, and suddenly I feel like it's quite lovely? The design is supposed to be timeless and everlasting, the greatest way to describe the content of books, of course! 

I swear, the quality of it is too good! I'm not sure yet when I'll actually start using the book sleeve, but hopefully I'll get to use it soon. I will no longer worry if my books might end up getting ruined, thanks to this lovely book sleeve!

(the precious book sent down from Goddess Thina in the Cave of Death is at risk of being destroyed overtime without it being protected by the booksleeve)
— Exclusive by @bookshields

2. Sacred Notebook of Children of Blood and Bone

A notebook inspired by the Children of Blood and Bone! I've wanted to have Children of Blood and Bone since I knew about its existence because the plot intrigues me a lot, but I hadn't bought any book series lately and I'm not sure if I'll be dedicated enough to wait for the release of the sequel. Maybe next time.

But I'm so loving this version of Zélie (I'm guessing this is Zélie Adebola, right?); she looks like a fierce warrior! The details of her are amazing. And also the "Now we rise". Well, what else can I ask for a notebook?  

What makes me love it more is that the insides are blank and unlined. I don't like notebooks that are lined, grids are still alright and cute but I definitely always prefer blank pages. This notebook is definitely for me.

(it is told that no one is able to read the content unless it is from the children of blood and bone themselves)
— Exclusive by @tieqa_rika

3. Character Cards of Red Queen

Hello, if you still have not known my huge love and (almost)obsession for the Red Queen series, then you really should know by now!!! I almost screamed when I found these character cards in the box. Of course, they do look different from how I imagined Mare, Cal and Maven would be, but I love this version nonetheless!

I have yet to finish the series though (no, you are not allowed to question my love for this series anyway), so I'm hoping to dive into it back as soon as possible. I already miss Mare's fierceness and Maven just being Maven (he's a villain for sure, but he owns my heart). Cal, well, I'm not so much on his side but I guess I do miss his fiery character too. I WILL TREASURE THIS CHARACTER CARDS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

(three ancient souls of legends were trapped inside of magic cards. The nation is no longer protected by the legends and is exposed to dangers from the angry spirits)
— Exclusive by @aishiitrash

4. Sticker of A Darker Shade of Magic

I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with this? I've never read A Darker Shade of Magic before so I don't really understand what the words means. Maybe a name? A spell? Readers of the book, help me out!

(forbidden item shall remain hidden for its cursed element, never it will harm the humanity lest the human themselves harm it)
— Exclusive by @sufina_

5. Power Stone Bracelet of Infinity War

Not a fan of Marvel's Infinity War (superheroes are just not my thing, sorry), but I absolutely love this bracelet! I have a gist of what happened in Infinity War, so I understand what it meant by the "warning". I love love love bead bracelets; matte black beads are so gorgeous! The one purple bead makes it simple and pretty, and I'm happy that I can basically wear it during any occasions. 

(power stone should not be held by the hands of the irresponsible for the ability it contains, might end half of all life in the universe with a single snap of fingers)
— Exclusive by @dualitybox

6. Ring of Murder

This time, Duality Box's exclusive collectible is a ring! My favourite kind of jewellery! There's nothing more left to say, I truly love it to bits! Though, I really wish it can actually emit deadly light to those who messes around with me. Life would be easier that way.

(emits deadly light to the targets. Wearer might face repercussions due to chemical effect)
— Collectible by @dualitybox

7. Divine Items of Mirage

"Survive and endure". I definitely will pin this on me 24/7 if possible. The simple words are powerful enough to become a motivation. These lovely pins are in fact produced by the same publishing company of this month's book, Mirage. Love them!

(as for the power they hold, these godly items must be hunted down again before the world is demolished)
— Exclusive by @flatiron_books

8. Mirage by Somaiya Daud

Book of the month: Mirage by Somaiya Daud! Here's a synopsis from Goodreads:

"In a star system dominated by the brutal Vathek empire, eighteen-year-old Amani is a dreamer. She dreams of what life was like before the occupation; she dreams of writing poetry like the old-world poems she adores; she dreams of receiving a sign from Dihya that one day, she, too, will have adventure, and travel beyond her isolated moon. 

But when adventure comes for Amani, it is not what she expects: she is kidnapped by the regime and taken in secret to the royal palace, where she discovers that she is nearly identical to the cruel half-Vathek Princess Maram. The princess is so hated by her conquered people that she requires a body double, someone to appear in public as Maram, ready to die in her place. 

As Amani is forced into her new role, she can’t help but enjoy the palace’s beauty—and her time with the princess’ fiancé, Idris. But the glitter of the royal court belies a world of violence and fear. If Amani ever wishes to see her family again, she must play the princess to perfection...because one wrong move could lead to her death.

The combination of a poetry-loving character with royalty and the dangers circulating it sounds too wonderful to be true! AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THE BOOK COVER!!! I've heard many good things about this book, so I'm hoping that I too will end up loving everything of it ♡

Even the details on the signed bookplate looks beautiful too /heart eyes/


Oh well, basically, those are the things that I managed to steal from Duality Box. Dangerously Alive is indeed full of dangerous items, I'm so so so so so so  so so so so so so (I can do this forever) IN LOVE with the content!  Again, congratulations and thank you to my Queens of Duality Box for curating these boxes full of wonders, I owe you my gratitude 🌹

Sadly, this will be the last box I'm getting this year as I will not be purchasing their November box. The theme for November box is Train to Hogwarts, and I'm truly saddened that I will not get to own the glorious contents of Harry Potter merchs. I'm currently on a shopping-ban (especially book-ban), so I had vowed not to spend my money on anything unless I need it. (Of course I need the November box, but oh well, let's be mature about this)

If you're a Potterhead like I am, head to Duality Box's official website now to grab the November box! I assure you that there will be no regrets.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

Previous boxes:


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Background/border - Alli-ce

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  • Title: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (English title) / Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You (literal title)
  • Romaji: Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru
  • Japanese: ぼくは明日, 昨日のきみとデートする
  • Director: Takahiro Miki
  • Writer: Takafumi Nanatsuki (novel), Tomoko Yoshida
  • Producer: Hisashi Usui, Kei Haruna, Yasushi Hashimoto
  • Cinematographer: Kosuke Yamada
  • Release Date: December 17, 2016
  • Runtime: 111 min.
  • Genre: Youth / Romance
  • Country: Japan
  • Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi) majors in art at an university in Kyoto. On the train to the school, he sees Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu) and falls in love with her at first sight. Gathering up all his courage, he speaks to her. They begin to date and enjoy happy days together, but Emi reveals her secret to him.
My rating: 3.5/5 stars (★)

Honestly, I had a high expectation for this movie. Most of my friends and Twitter users that watch Japanese movies recommended this film, claiming that it is one of the best teen romance movies. Some even said to have cried their hearts out over it. Alas, I couldn't agree wholeheartedly with them. I was mostly confused during the entire movie.

Just reading the synopsis, you won't get to tell what the movie is all about and why is the title that way. I can hardly explain what the story is about as I might spoil the plot line, but what I can say is that Takatoshi and Emi are from a different timeline in this world. Takatoshi's life moves forward just like a normal person, but Emi's life is more complicated than that. Her life moves towards the past, and until now I have no idea why. It's something that is rather difficult to be understood.

I do agree that the whole idea of different timelines moving is amazing, but I'm not quite sure how to make it when it comes on screen. I couldn't get into the story much because I was busy trying to get my head around what was actually going on. 

There were nothing wrong with the main characters, Takatoshi and Emi fit each other so well, it is good to see them being together. Their relationship is adorable, although I still have no idea why they are meant for each other. And I just couldn't understand why is it that Takatoshi could tell her the truth when she was young, why didn't Emi do the same to him when he was young? See, even my question is confusing enough.

Overall, I did actually enjoy the parts where I can comprehend what is going on. The ending might have touched me a little, but there were no tears involved because I could not invest myself too much into the characters. 

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

  • Title: Sierra Burgess Is a Loser
  • Director: Ian Samuels 
  • Distributed by: Netflix 
  • Music by: Leland, Sabrina Carpenter
  • Running time: 1h 45m
  • Initial release: September 7, 2018 (USA) 
  • Genres: Comedies, Romantic Comedies, Romantic Movies
  • Starring: Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth, RJ Cyler
Synopsis: A wrong-number text sparks a virtual romance between a smart but unpopular teen and a sweet jock who thinks he's talking to a gorgeous cheerleader.

My rating: 2/5 stars (★)

Do you want to know how it feels to be catfished? Watch the trailer of this movie and then think of every positive things that comes to your mind—and then watch the movie, only for your positive thoughts to be diminished over the obsession of a girl towards a boy. Yes, that's basically what the whole story is about: an obsession towards a boy.

I was super excited when the trailer was released. I had thought, after some horrible teenage shows Netflix was releasing, they decided to make it up by releasing a film that promotes self-confidence and body positivity. Sure, I expected the catfishing, but I didn't expect it to get to this extent. 

Right, let's get into the characters. Sierra (Shannon Purser) is okay at first; though she is the textbook girl that nobody likes and avoids, has only one true friend and is often bullied by the pretty girls at school. A typical representation of the main character for a chick flick. But what I liked about her was how she was able to defend herself from the mean girls. The best part about Sierra is that she's good with her words. Sadly, that's probably just it. She didn't shine in the story at all despite her being the main character.

And then we have Veronica (Kristine Froseth), another textbook character. Beautiful, "has 20k followers", acts bitchy towards the unpopular kids and not so smart in academics. But what actually intrigued me to watch this movie is how Veronica ends up befriending Sierra after their toxic encounters. It's good to see how much a mean person can actually change when they're desperate, and Veronica actually changed for the good. To see how raw she became when Sierra saw how her actual life is; a genuine friendship even bloomed through their deal to catfish the guy. Beneath all the layers of attitude she showed to the world, there's kindness in her. I actually love Veronica, after she befriended Sierra, of course.

Jamey (Noah Centineo), well, I wouldn't really say he's a textbook character of anything, but his character fell rather flat. He's just a boy in love with a pretty girl. I appreciate that even though he has the looks, his friends are still regular kids and not the jocks. He's very nice to his little brother who is deaf, which is a plus. Yet other than that, I couldn't find other qualities of him that I like. As for Sierra's friend, Dan (RJ Cyler), I immediately liked him the moment he was introduced in the story. He's a funny and happy guy, also the one loyal friend. His character really helped in making the story better.

Plotwise, I really would like to call it cliche, but I can't come up with any example of films to prove it. But, I did almost stop halfway through this movie, simply because it gets predictable and there were really nothing special about it.

One thing that I appreciate in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser would be the essence of friendship that it has, of course, during the good moments. I enjoyed Sierra and Dan's friendship, though I do admit that it's a lot better thanks to Dan. Sierra and Veronica's friendship is surprising but not impossible, they actually fit each other so well. If the toxic part of what Sierra did to Veronica after misunderstanding a situation with Jamey is excluded, I think this movie do have something good in it. It's all about trusting each other and accepting someone you love for who they are.

What I don't appreciate is that as a main character, Sierra's character did not develop much. Until the end, when things go wrong, she blamed her physical instead of actually realising that it all started with her own attitude. There is actually truth being portrayed in her character of course, but at the same time it feels absurd too. All in all, I didn't end up liking the movie much.

Any thoughts on this movie? Did you enjoy it?

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'