Tuesday, August 14, 2018

July '18 Haul - Lights Up! ✨✨✨

Lights up! because I bought a whole bunch of decoration lights for my room during July✨ As always, I spent a tad too much, but it had been the most fun month nonetheless. I bought the best things, and they light up my world ♡

1. Light Box

With assorted alphabets! For the longest time, I've been dying to have one of these pretty light box. Pinterest and Instagram pictures make them look so gorgeous, so it was no surprise I wanted one of my own. The ones that I found previously were always too pricey (especially Typo's), so when I found this light box in SNJ Gift Shop for quite an affordable price, I had no hesitation at all. It was the last one in the shop too, so I got lucky.

I normally just display it with "MERMAIRD" on it in my room, but sometimes I'll change it randomly when I feel like it. It definitely makes my room a lot prettier ♡

— Purchased from SNJ Giftshop, Setia City Mall

2. Star-shaped String Lights

The second light decor! I love fairy lights and string lights a lot, and since I'm really into dreamy kind of things, and would like my room to be in that concept, I decided that this star string lights would be a perfect addition. Just look at how lovely the stars are when they light up!

— Purchased from Kaison, Setia City Mall

3. Ghost-shaped Lamp

This has got to be the cutest lamp that I have ever had! It's shaped as a ghost, fitting my personality of loving horror genres, but at the same time, still looking cute. Yes, I'm shameless admitting that I am cute.

I use this lamp a lot, every night before going to sleep, I'll turn it on to accompany me for a while. When I'm finally actually dozing off, then will I only turn it off. It gives off a warm light in the dark, making me feel comfortable to go to sleep. I got it for a cheap price too, only RM7!

— Purchased from Kaison, Setia City Mall

4. Light Filters in Poems by Caroline Kaufman

The moment I first laid my eyes on this book, I immediately loved it. The book cover is absolutely lovely; black with a touch of pink, flowers and the moon. I looked up Caroline Kaufman's poetry page even inside the bookstore, and when I read her poetries on Instagram, I fell more in love with it. Her words are so powerful that some of it even brought me tears. I'll have to write a proper review for it once I've finished reading the book.

This is one of my favourite prose from the book ♡

— Poetry book by Caroline Kaufman (@poeticpoison), purchased in MPH Bookstore

5. Bookmark from MPH Bookstores

I think I'm going to start collecting more bookmarks (even though I always end up using anything else other than bookmarks to mark the book pages 🤦). MPH Bookstores have this wide collection of pretty bookmarks, and it was so hard to choose! I end up taking this one because I love the roses and the quote. I'd love to be the reason for someone to smile ♡

— Purchased from MPH Bookstore, Setia City Mall

6. Mermaid and Unicorn Sticky Notes

I swear Mr. DIY have the cutest stationery! I was browsing through their immense collection of cute notebooks when I found these mermaid and unicorn sticky notes. They're only around RM5 each. I knew I had to get them no matter what.

The inside of the mermaid sticky notes. Absolutely loving the ocean theme!

Love love love the unicorn sticky notes, they're in my favourite colours!

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

7. Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters

Finally got my second set of Zebra Mildliner Highlighters! I still prefer the colours from the previous set that I bought though. 

— Purchased from MPH Bookstore, Setia City Mall

8. Flamingo Wooden Clip Set

Will you look at these flamingo wooden clips? They're so adorable! I can't wait to use them to hang picture in my room.

— Purchased from Mr. DIY

9. Inecto Naturals Argan Nail & Hand Cream

Didn't exactly bought this, but my older sister gave it to me because she didn't quite like the texture of the cream. It is a bit runny too, in my opinion, but I'm fine with it. I love the sweet scent of argan of it.

10. Washi Tapes

I can't even remember when I actually ordered these. It had been so long, and I thought the parcel had gone missing, but they eventually arrived to my mailbox. I only bought the thin pink washi tapes, getting the blue bird as a free gift.

— Ordered from Shopee

11. Makeup Organiser

It's about time I finally get myself a makeup organiser. The glass container that I used to place my lip products were too full, so I decided to get new one. I got this one from Daiso, and it's quite convenient.

This looks like a mess hahah but trust me, it was worse before. At least my makeup dresser looks neater now.

— Purchased from Daiso

12. Large-sized Dreamcatcher

This dreamcatcher is actually really huge; the hoop is twice the size of my head. Another decor meant for my dreamy room theme! The feathers are soft coloured, making them soothing to look at.

— Purchased from Kaison, Setia City Mall

13. 21st Century Girls - A4 BTS Poster by Refrainbow

A huge thanks to my sweet friend, Joe, for buying this for me during Penang Anime Matsuri 2018. I have always loved Refrainbow's fan arts, they're always adorable. I'm so happy to be able to have this poster that screams for 21st century girls! 🔥🔥🔥

— Poster by @refrainbow

14. YNWA Print Set by Refrainbow

Another merch by Refrainbow, this time featuring YNWA era, which is my favourite era out of all BTS eras. Once again, thank you for buying this for me, Joe! I love the colours of these prints, they're so bright and it's easy to distinguish between the members. Will hang them like a garland on my wall soon ♡

— Prints by @refrainbow

15. Duality Box July '18 Edition: Why I Dream

Lastly, the July '18 edition of Duality Box! It also included another star string light, which means I bought a total of four decor lights this month. More deets on July Duality Box here ✨

— Ordered from Duality Box (Instagram / Website)


This haul post took a longer time to edit and compile compared to my previous haul post, despite the fact that the previous one was actually for two months. I'm relieved that I finally completed this post; gosh, I have so many reviews queued already! Thank you for reading, that's all for July's haul post!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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  1. omggg i really love your july haul, aisyah! especially the kasper lamp and washy tapes. btw how much the washy tapes are? i bought one from saltxpaper shop but its so damn expensive. i wish shoppe sells cheaper

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I don't quite remember it, but I think I got the three washi tapes for around RM9 something? But yes, I can relate to that. Cuter washi tapes are always so expensive :(