Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Taking a Break from Social Medias; What I Learned From It

I'm not sure if a lot noticed, but I announced about taking a break from social medias (well, mainly Instagram and Twitter) last month. I didn't exactly deactivate my accounts, but I deleted the apps from my phone. For a month, I decided to spend time only for myself.

It was excruciating at first, my hands were itching to start scrolling through my Twitter timeline and Instagram feeds. But I did anything else other than that. I read books, I watched TV shows and drama that I have yet to watch, I brainstormed new ideas for my own book, I reunited with my friends, etc. It took a lot of effort because social media has became a habit, but it was not impossible to break. For a month, I managed to break myself away from the online community that was slowly corrupting me.

I've learned a lot during this short break, and I believe that everyone should realise these too:

  1. Life is not about getting people's validation. Life is about filling yourself with as much love as possible, doing what you love, and surrounding yourself with people that you love.
  2. You can breathe well without worrying what strangers think of you. Admit it, most of your social media followers are strangers to you in real life.
  3. There are more to life than the number of likes, retweets or followers.
  4. If people don't reply or react to your posts/tweets, it does NOT mean you're hated. It does NOT mean you're not loved. You are good enough as you are.
  5. Not getting any likes is okay. Not getting any retweets is okay. Not getting any comments is okay. Not getting thousands of followers is okay. You are okay.
  6. Life is great, life is beautiful. There is no point in allowing other people to control the happiness. You don't need to depend your complete happiness on numbers.

Honestly, I learned a lot more, but these are what matters the most. I realised that I am good enough. I definitely do not need to bother what people think of me, because in the end, I am living my own life. 

Social media has also become a toxic community these days, it's hard to continuously be positive when all people do is throw hate against each other. I've decided to return, but I will leave whenever I need to. All that matters is that I place priority on my own happiness.


Anyway, to those interested in my fiction writings, I recently created a new Twitter account where I dump all my crazy ideas and storylines. I've already written a few stories there, mostly brief ideas, so if you're interested in following my updates, head on to Twitter and follow: @mermairdpens

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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