Hello ♡ I am back with another unboxing of Duality Box! This box was shipped to customers two weeks ago, but due to several circumstances, I only managed to receive it recently. It upsets me a lot that I might be the last one to receive the box, but the moment I opened it, I couldn't care less anymore. I got my box, and I am more than happy! Being happy is an understatement, I actually wanted to throw open my window and scream to the whole world about the greatness of Duality Box.

"This box is specially curated with a message to reach out to people who are in need of uplifting support and encouragement in reaching their goals and dreams. Whatever we do, we can always achieve it. This is why we dream." — Duality Box, 2018.

The theme for July box is Why I Dream. I think that this is a very beautiful theme, because all of us have our own dreams, and there will always be our own reasons behind those dreams. In my opinion, dreams can be as small as possible, and as big as you want to. There is no such thing as a dream being too big. Dream all you want, because with effort, nothing is impossible. The theme art above is illustrated by @parvaillust, and as usual, her artwork is stunning. I believe that the stars portray the dreams, and the biggest one is placed on the girl's heart. To me, it means that your dreams come from your heart. Do what your heart wants to, and leave no regrets.

Here comes the deets!

1. Exclusive 2oz Candle (The Sun is Also a Star)

What do you call someone who loves candles and makes weak attempt to collect different scented candles, yet never actually light them on because s/he is scared of fire? A rather foolish candle lover. Or also known as me

I love love love candles. Especially sweet scented ones; my favourite would be vanilla. Plain and simple. But the downside of loving candles and attempting to collect them is that I'm scared to light them up. Basically, I'm scared of anything that involves fire. When I unboxed July's Duality Box in front of my mum and sister, mum started complaining when she saw me holding this candle. She claimed I haven't even lit up any of the candles I've bought before. In my defense, I said that I never guessed a candle would be inside this month's box.

Putting aside my foolishness, I am actually happy to be receiving this candle! It totally smells like orange, as it claimed, and inspired by The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I've actually heard of the book, but never knew what it is actually about. This means another book added to my looooooong list of TBR books. I love the quote "Having dreams never killed anybody". I believe that this is very true, it's definitely okay to dream whatever you want. Nothing is impossible, if you work hard for it. So dream big!

Will you just look at those beautiful glitters? I think my eyes have turned into hearts right now! It is said that the design of this candle is inspired by the cover of The Sun is Also a Star, and I think I'm seeing the resemblance. The cover has an orange-purple-red-pink coloured explosion, and I'm positive that the candle maker wanted to show it through these glitters. I think it's a brilliant idea, I'm just so in love with this candle.

Pray that I'll be able to light it up soon!

— Candle made and designed by Amira (@thealphadusk)

2. Exclusive Avatar Artprint (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar: The Last Airbender has been one of my favourite childhood cartoon shows, my sisters and I were obsessed with it. The moment Duality Box teased about their July Box, I actually shrieked in excitement when I found out that Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired merchandise is being included in this box. I hesitated no more, this box is a must buy!

I admit that I was a bit sad that no artwork of any of the characters were included (I probably should binge-watch the show again, I really miss Aang, Katara, Sokka and definitely Appa), but the more I look at the quotes in this one, the more I like it. The design is uniquely befitting for the concept of the show itself, and of course, anything galaxy-themed should be loved!

— Designed by Ainee from The Literary Lifestyle Company (@litlifeco)

3. Exclusive Totebag (Throne of Glass: Empire of Storm)

Totebags are pretty much the best bag in the entire world. In a rush? Grab a totebag. Too lazy to organise your handbag? Grab a totebag. Want to carry your current read? Grab a totebag. There will never be "too much" totebags!

Duality Box kept mentioning about something wearable, and honestly, I'm so glad it ended up being an adorable totebag. I am in need of a new totebag already. 

Peek a closer look at the design! I think it's absolutely gorgeous, the colours and fonts and quote are  all very beautiful. The small world, flowers and stars are said to represent the "dreamers", which is very sweet. I can't believe that this is the second time Throne of Glass inspired Duality Box's merchandises, yet I still have not read the series. I should step up my game real soon!

— Totebag designed by Catarina (@catarinabookdesigns)

4. Exclusive Button Badge (The Hate U Give)

God bless the founders of Duality Box; first they gave me a candle, and then a totebag, and now a button badge! Even though I only collect enamel pins now, I used to hoard a lot of button badges. My bags and pencil cases are never complete without pins on them. Pins and button badges are just so fun!

This little one was designed by one of the founders herself, Iffah, and inspired by The Hate U Give. The book is currently on my TBR list, and I should start reading it soon if I want to make it in time before the adapted movie is released. Thank you for such great words, watch me pin this button on one of my bags soon!

— Button badge designed by Iffah (@nerdiffah)

5. Stars Fairy Lights (The Greatest Showman)

This is definitely the part where I got the most excited. I have immense love for any kind of lights, fairy lights especially! I even recently splurged a lot buying new light decors for my room. During the unboxing, I almost shrieked aloud when I found this sweet star fairy lights. Art print by one of Duality Box's founder, Su, and it quotes The Greatest Showman. I love the film so much, the songs are all more than just amazing, the storyline and characters beautiful too. Rewrite the Stars. Just like Phillip and Anne, if people say you're not meant to be for something you dreamed for, prove them wrong. Rewrite your stars. Hang your dreams on the sky, and strive hard to reach for them.

The lights looked more warm in real life, but somehow it appeared rather white in this picture. I can't wait to hang it on the wall of my room, as a symbol of my own dreams on the stars.

— Art print by Su (@sufina_)

6. Exclusive Two Sided Bookmark (Warcross)

Here's a bookmark inspired by Warcross - Marie Lu. The artwork is gorgeous, I love Emika's rainbow hair a lot! And the quote is very inspiring too. "Every locked door has a key, every problem has a solution." There is always a way to achieve your dreams, giving up is not the answer.

Even though I love this bookmark, I'm not sure if I'm interested to read Warcross or not. It didn't sound like my cup of tea. There's nothing wrong with the book, of course, but I'm not really of a fan of sci-fi and gaming things. I think I'm going to read either The Young Elites trilogy or Legend trilogy first, and if I end up loving Marie Lu's words, I will have a try on Warcross.

— Bookmark designed by @saptember.art

7. Exclusive Collectible Keychain

They're back at it again with their spectacular exclusive collectibles! We got a metal bookmark in the previous box, and this time, it's a keychain! I think it's cute that the pendant is shaped as a key, symbolising the key to the dreams! Whenever I'm using this keychain, it will be a constant reminder that I will always have the key to my dreams, and all I have to do is find the right way and the right door.

Even the back of the key is neat, I'm so in love with its intricate design!

8. A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

Finally, the highlight of the box: A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews! Here's a synopsis of what's going on in the book:

"An emotionally charged story of music, abuse and, ultimately, hope. 

Beck hates his life. He hates his violent mother. He hates his home. Most of all, he hates the piano that his mother forces him to play hour after hour, day after day. He will never play as she did before illness ended her career and left her bitter and broken. But Beck is too scared to stand up to his mother, and tell her his true passion, which is composing his own music - because the least suggestion of rebellion on his part ends in violence. 

When Beck meets August, a girl full of life, energy and laughter, love begins to awaken within him and he glimpses a way to escape his painful existence. But dare he reach for it?

It's going to be a story full of dreams and hope, something that I always love to read. I love reading about people struggling just to reach for their dreams, because they inspire me to do my best to reach for my own stars. I'm positive that I will fall in love with A Thousand Perfect Notes. I mean, just look at that beautiful art on the cover! And a girl full of positiveness in her? I'm definitely hooked.

Along with the book comes a signed bookplate (which I forgot to include in the picture) and a special artwork, drawn by the talented @parvaillust + behind this artwork is the Author's Letter. I didn't include it in this post, because I feel like it's just too special! It really is the first time getting a letter from an author, and even though it was not exactly specially written just for me alone, I still think it's precious. She mentioned about her own dreams and for her readers to always remember why we dream in the first place. I think her message is the sweetest 

9. Extra: Duality Box Zine!

Duality Box Zine is a new thing, and I really hope that they'll continue with this for the upcoming boxes! The zine includes the biography of the founders, a short introduction to C.G. Drews and Q&A with CatarinaBookDesigns. It also mentioned several hints for September box, which I AM ABSOLUTELY BUYING BECAUSE IT WILL INCLUDE AN ADVENTURE FANTASY BOOK! I'm a sucker for anything fantasy, so I can already feel the sweet vibe coming this September.


Well, we have reached the end. The Why I Dream box contained the most precious things, and again, I am so proud of Duality Box for curating these beautiful boxes. You girls are truly angels for book lovers 

If you haven't gotten your own box, here's a good news! The July box is still available, you can get your own set of all of this glory by heading to Duality Box's official website. You can also order just the book itself, or purchase some of the extra merchandises. But hurry up, there are only two boxes left and the stock for other merchandises are limited too.

And did I mention that they're having a sale right now? So, what are you waiting for?

Go and treat yourself with your own beautiful Duality Box!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

Previous boxes:


PSD Colouring (base) - PSD 18 by Moon2k2

Background/border - Hoontoidly

Fonts -

  • Drama: Welcome to Waikiki (English title) / Eulachacha Waikiki (Korean title)
  • Revised romanization: Eulachacha Waikiki
  • Hangul: 으라차차 와이키키
  • Director: Lee Chang-Min
  • Writer: Kim Ki-Ho, Song Ji-Eun, Song Mi-So
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: February 5 - April 17, 2018
  • Country: South Korea
  • Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kang Dong-Goo (Kim Jung-Hyun) dreams of becoming a movie director, but he is cynical due to bad luck. Cheon Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung) wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an actor, but he is now just a minor actor. Bong-Doo-Shik (Son Seung-Won) came to Seoul to become a scenario writer, but things have not been easy for him. These 3 men run the guest house Waikiki in Itaewon, South Korea. Their guest house is facing bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and single mother appear at Waikiki.

My rating: 5/5 stars (★)

Welcome to Waikiki is actually the first drama that I completed watching this year. I have been very busy during the first half of this year with other things, so I didn't get to watch anything. I'm not the type to watch dramas all the time, so I didn't mind much. But when my older sister and my best friend kept posting about Welcome to Waikiki on their social medias, I couldn't help but become curious over it. I think the part where the three men found a baby in their guest house was what made me want to watch this drama.

This drama tells about three friends, Dong-Goo, Joon-Ki and Doo-Shik, who were struggling with their jobs and decided to open a guest house to earn extra money. Later in the story, the three of them were joined by three women, Yoon-A, Seo-Jin and Soo-A, which made things more complicated than they already were. I think what made this drama interesting is the uniqueness of each character. None of the characters are flat, they all have strong traits— or should I say, funny and weird? Extremely funny and weird. The friendship between the characters were so funny, they could be supportive in one moment, and become savage towards each other in the next second. The baby was a sweet plus too, she's adorable and I've never seen a behaving so well! The quirks of each character was what made this drama stand out.


By far, this drama has been the most hilarious drama that I have ever seen. And I meant it in the most extreme way possible! You rarely get to watch a drama that can make you laugh out loud throughout the whole 20 episodes, without getting bored or cringing at any the scenes. Welcome to Waikiki has enough comedic touch to it, and with the right amount of drama and romance too. I can tell you, the chemistry of the characters are adorable and hilarious. If you're in need of a good laugh, Welcome to Waikiki is the absolute best choice

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

I'm not sure if a lot noticed, but I announced about taking a break from social medias (well, mainly Instagram and Twitter) last month. I didn't exactly deactivate my accounts, but I deleted the apps from my phone. For a month, I decided to spend time only for myself.

It was excruciating at first, my hands were itching to start scrolling through my Twitter timeline and Instagram feeds. But I did anything else other than that. I read books, I watched TV shows and drama that I have yet to watch, I brainstormed new ideas for my own book, I reunited with my friends, etc. It took a lot of effort because social media has became a habit, but it was not impossible to break. For a month, I managed to break myself away from the online community that was slowly corrupting me.

I've learned a lot during this short break, and I believe that everyone should realise these too:

  1. Life is not about getting people's validation. Life is about filling yourself with as much love as possible, doing what you love, and surrounding yourself with people that you love.
  2. You can breathe well without worrying what strangers think of you. Admit it, most of your social media followers are strangers to you in real life.
  3. There are more to life than the number of likes, retweets or followers.
  4. If people don't reply or react to your posts/tweets, it does NOT mean you're hated. It does NOT mean you're not loved. You are good enough as you are.
  5. Not getting any likes is okay. Not getting any retweets is okay. Not getting any comments is okay. Not getting thousands of followers is okay. You are okay.
  6. Life is great, life is beautiful. There is no point in allowing other people to control the happiness. You don't need to depend your complete happiness on numbers.

Honestly, I learned a lot more, but these are what matters the most. I realised that I am good enough. I definitely do not need to bother what people think of me, because in the end, I am living my own life. 

Social media has also become a toxic community these days, it's hard to continuously be positive when all people do is throw hate against each other. I've decided to return, but I will leave whenever I need to. All that matters is that I place priority on my own happiness.


Anyway, to those interested in my fiction writings, I recently created a new Twitter account where I dump all my crazy ideas and storylines. I've already written a few stories there, mostly brief ideas, so if you're interested in following my updates, head on to Twitter and follow: @mermairdpens

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


PSD Colouring (base) - PSD 18 by Moon2k2

Fonts -

  • Movie: The Swindlers (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Ggoon
  • Hangul:
  • Director: Jang Chang-Won
  • Writer: Jang Chang-Won
  • Producer: Sung Chang-Yeon, Oh Seung-Hyun
  • Cinematographer: Lee Tae-Yoon
  • Release Date: November 22, 2017
  • Runtime: 117 min.
  • Genre: Crime
  • Country: South Korea
  • Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ji-Sung (Hyun-Bin) is an intelligent swindler who only deceives fellow swindlers. To catch Jang Doo-Chil, he forms a plan. He first recruits Prosecutor Hee-Soo (Yoo Ji-Tae) and then other swindlers Suk-Dong (Bae Sung-Woo), Choon-Ja (Nana) and Chief Kim (An Se-Ha). They throw bait at Jang Doo-Chil's right-hand man Seung-Gun (Park Sung-Woong).
My rating: 3.8/5 stars (★)

The thing about watching a movie about con-men is that, you'll never know what is the actual truth. That is how I felt through the entire time watching The Swindlers. It is a story about a man that only cons swindlers, and forming a team through him to take down one of the top swindlers in South Korea. I find that the plot is rather interesting, because what's better than conning another con-man?

The story unfolds with a little bit of how everything started. From the moment the undefeated swindler started his scams, to how Ji-Sung started becoming a swindler himself too. It was a movie full of twists and turns, and you'll find yourself wracking your brains to figure out what was actually going on. The moment you start to believe that a person is the trustworthy one, you'll end up questioning him the next minute. 

I think the characters are good, but some of them are lacking personality. The characters are not too strong, and most of them, we don't even know where they came from. Audience are given a brief history of Ji-Sung and even Prosecutor Hee-Soo, but the rest seemed to fall a bit flat. You never get to know how Prosecutor Hee-Soo recruited Suk-Dong, Choon-Ja and Chief Kim. I barely even find out Chief Kim's name. Even though they are not playing the main roles, their presence are still huge in the story. It would have been a lot better for the audience to know how they end up being put together, what crimes they did in the past. I'm questioning Choon-Ja's character the most. She's the only female in the team, and apart from her "aegyo" seducing skills, I don't see any strong traits in her. How did she end up being in a secret team formed by a prosecutor? I guess we'll never know.

I originally gave The Swindlers a four star, but decided to lower my ratings a bit when I realise just how little I know about most of the characters. But the plot is still a wow-factor to me. The ending was rather unexpected, but what was I expecting from a group of swindlers? It was a great movie, I was fooled till the end. In a rather good way, of course.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

Good day, my friends ♡ It's been a while since I've written any posts here, so I decided to come back with another haul post! I missed the May Haul, so I'm combining May's with June's hauls. I'm not even sure if I included everything in here, it's pretty much impossible for me to remember each and every thing that I bought in the span of two months time (mostly due to my continuous ignorance of learning how to save money) 🌚

1. Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (In Tube)

I've been a loyal user of NR's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for many years, and up until now, this has been the best moisturiser for me. It's rather lightweight, so on the days when my skin feels extra dry, I'll apply it twice on my face. Highly recommended for people with normal-dry skin!

— Ordered from @reneeshop__

2. Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

I've been in love with Skinfood's Rice Mask Wash Off, so I wanted to try the Black Sugar one too. It has a very sweet sugary smell and is said to brighten the skin. I've only used it twice, so I'm not sure about whether it actually brightens or not, but I like it nonetheless. In terms of scent, I prefer Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask, but for immediate result after using the mask, I prefer Rice Mask more. 

I'll try making a proper review of both masks soon, if I have time.

— Ordered from @reneeshop__

3. Classic Tales: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen & Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

I know I've said this like a thousand times already, but yes, I really want to start reading classics. I bought these three from Popular Bookstore's booth at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018, and it only costed RM30 for all three of them! (original price is RM 40+ each) It was a real bargain, and well, it wouldn't hurt to get more classics too, right?

— Books purchased at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018

4. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

Despite my love for horror-related-things, I think I probably watched more horror films than read horror books. My mother sometimes would tell about the older books from Stephen King that she has read before, and after watching IT, I have decided that I should start collecting Stephen King's books! We all know he's the king of horror stories, don't we? 

Skeleton Crew is a collection of horror/dark short stories. Since I am not yet familiar with Stephen King's writings, I believe that this book is a good start for me to see if I'm going to love his works or not. Let's hope my reading slump will end soon, I really need to get back to reading again. ASAP.

— Books purchased at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018

5. Books from FIXI: 13 Moons by Ee Leen Lee & Here Be Nightmares by Julya Oui

If you're familiar with the kind of books I read, you'll know that I rarely read local books (used to have a collection of teenage Malay novels, but for certain reasons, I stopped collecting them). But I'm working on going through that, and as an aspiring writer, I feel like I should do my best to familiarize myself with what I can market locally first. 

I got these two books from FIXI's booth at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018 for RM8 each. They're both a collection of horror short stories. Perfect for me. I hope I'll end up loving them.

— Books purchased at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018

6. Jimin's Beanie Babies Enamel Pin by KAYEDAILY

Also featuring Jungkook's enamel pin from the same collection that I bought earlier this year! My enamel pin collection is gradually increasing, and I'm so happy to include these two adorable babies from the talented Kaye ♡ j i k o o k  f t w !

— Pins from @kayedaily_

7. Enamel Pins by EUREKARTSTUDIO

From left: Blossoming Soul (Pink), Portable Magic & Grow From Within (Black)

More enamel pins from my favourite local artist! The two on the left are from the Heart and Soul Pin Series, while the middle one is from the Tiny Explorers Pin Series. I can never say no to Eureka's pins, they're all absolutely lovely. I can't wait for the next pin series that Eureka's currently working on. Definitely putting them on my to-buy-list!

— Pins from @eurekartstudio

8. Magical Girl Sticker Pack by EUREKARTSTUDIO

Indeed, Eureka's arts are probably one of the most beautiful arts I've seen in my entire life, I love her style so so much. When she released her Magical Girl artworks, I was very ecstatic! Pink hair + magic/witch + stars/glitters + and a hint of magical creatures (unicorn!) = THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR ME! And I'm known to hoard stickers too, so I wasted no time in getting them. The quality is amazing, and the details of the arts are stunning! 

My favourite one is the hibernation mode one, because, hell yes hibernating is what I do best ✨

— Stickers from @eurekartstudio

9. The OSM Badge by Owh So Muslim

I also got this during my visit to Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018. I love it's cute and simple design a lot.

— Button badge from Owh So Muslim

10. Platform High Heels

I have always wanted a platform high heels, and for this year's Eid that has just passed, I decided to buy one for myself. Surprise, surprise, I only got this for RM35 from Shopee! The design is absolutely adorable, and the quality is good. I won't be wearing heels all the time, so it's really better for me to buy cheaper ones rather than expensive branded ones (unless they're to be used daily, of course)

— Purchased from chiclady.my

11. Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire

This book caught my eyes initially because of its bright colours, and the interesting title. When I found out that it involves Russian folklore and mythical creatures in it, I immediately knew I had to get it. I've always loved learning about other countries' folklore and mythical creatures! If you know any books that have amazing folklore or mythical creatures of any countries, please do suggest them to me.

— Purchased at BookXcess, Cyberjaya

12. War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

Here's the last book to one of my favourite series ever, the Red Queen series. I swear that earlier this year, when I got my hands on King's Cage, I never knew there would be a fourth book. I was glad I managed to find out about it just before War Storm's release date and immediately ordered it from Bookalicious. Bookalicious is one of my favourite bookstores, both the physical store and online store. 

I received this beautiful map of The Lands of Red Queen along with the book that I purchased. It is a very wonderful map, and it gave me a slight idea on how and where the characters of the book will be when they make a move to any different place in their world. Thank you so much for the constant amazing service, Leon!

— Ordered from Bookalicious (Instagram / Website)

13. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

Finally managed to get my hands on this one, thanks to my elder sister. I've been a fan of Harry Potter (both books and films) since forever, so it's a given I wanted The Cursed Child so badly. The only reason I didn't get it until now is because most of the time, it is too expensive. No matter how much I love the series, I doubt I would spend almost RM100 for a single book.

Thankfully, BookXcess had it for a much cheaper price, and my sister managed to buy it during their opening sale for only RM30. God bless the existence of BookXcess ✨

— Purchased at BookXcess, Cyberjaya

14. Imani Cornskin Square Scarves by Fatheena

These are the scarves that I purchased specially for Eid. When Fatheena revealed this new collection, I fell in love at first sight! I love the colours for this collection, and the material is just to die for. Decided that I couldn't miss it, so I ordered two Imani Cornskin Square Scarves, in Rose Gold and Pigeon.

The details are stunning! It's a bit sheer than what I preferred, but I still loved the material nonetheless. It is quite airy, and easily managed with enough care. Even Fatheena's signature plate fits the scarf's beauty!

— Ordered from @fatheena

15. VIBE Lipmatte by VIBE of Colours

Code: Nude and Berry

It had been a while since the last time I bought new lipsticks, and I've been meaning to find a new shade. Nude (left) has a slight orange-ish and brown colour, while Berry (right) is a darker shade of pink that I'm used to. I love the texture of the lipmatte as it is very pigmented, you just need to swipe a little. 

Another reason to love this product is because it can be used not only on the lips, but it also makes a good blusher and eye shadow! I've been using these lipmattes almost daily, especially the Nude one because they're lovely. Definitely good to be used especially if you don't want to carry too much make ups in your bag.

— Lipmattes by @vibeofcolours 

16. Handbag

The last time I bought a proper handbag was probably two years ago? Since I had planned to go all out during Eid this year, I decided that I needed a new bag to match my outfit too. I love simple bags like this, they're small enough to be carried anywhere but big enough to fit all my important things.

— Purchased at Brands Outlet

17. Hairy Pawter Enamel Pin by AZREENCHAN

I couldn't be any happier when another local talented artist decided to release an enamel pin design that is inspired by Harry Potter! And even in a cat form! Unlike Eurekartstudio's delicate designs, Azreenchan's designs have always been utterly adorable! They always make me squeal as I can't handle their cuteness.

The details on Hairy Pawter is so cute, apart from the glasses and lightning scar, he is even wearing a Gryffindor scarf. And the fact that the chant for The Marauder's Map is also on the backing card makes me feel giddy. It's too cute! I can't help but wonder how would Ron and Hermione look like in their cat form. 

Oh, well, maybe we've seen Hermione's cat form in the film, eh? Hahaha 😂

I love love love receiving my packages from Azreen, she always spoils her customers with her cute arts. I received a set of postcards last time, but this time, I got a set of sampul duit raya (money envelopes) instead! There are a handful number of delicious traditional cookies on them, and because they're too adorable, I decided to keep them all to myself only ❤️✨

— Pin from @azreenchan

18. Duality Box May '18 Edition: Shield Maiden

And last but not least, the almighty Duality Box! I've said a lot about this box in my previous post, so if you want to know the deets, read here ✨

— Ordered from Duality Box (Instagram / Website)


Phew, this post took me the longest time. I'm glad I managed to compile everything properly, and I hope the details about where I get the items I bought will be helpful if you're interested in them. That's it for May and June's haul! 

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


PSD Colouring (base) - PSD 18 by Moon2k2

Background/border - Backgroundbest

Fonts -