Monday, February 12, 2018

Short Trip to Cameron Highlands

First post after four months! And also my first post in 2018! I hope it's not too late to wish you guys a Happy New Year ♡ How's your new year's resolutions going?

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After many years, my family finally managed to go on a vacation (a short but definitely memorable!) just the five of us—me, my parents and my sisters. We are so used to only go to places when dad has some work to do, so it feels nice to have him around as we strolled around Cameron Highlands. The last time I went to Cameron Highlands was four years ago, and though it was a great memory, it was somehow ruined when my camera was stolen. So, this year, I was pretty much determined to make the best memories in Cameron Highlands, because I absolutely loved it there.

The very first thing that we did after arriving in Cameron Highlands was of course: eat! We had our early lunch in 200 Seeds Cafe (Abang Strawberry), a restaurant + strawberry farm at Taman Sedia, a Malay village off Tanah Rata town center. The main specialty of the restaurant is Nasi Lemak Strawberry, which was the main reason we had our meal there. Their signature Sambal Strawberry is unique, and it definitely have a wonderful taste (and their rendang is scrumptious too!). If you're a fan of Nasi Lemak and strawberries (who aren't?), you should definitely try eating here. 

Plus, look how cute the pink rice are!

Next, of course, a must for anyone who visits Cameron Highlands: Strawberry farm! Since we've already eaten strawberries earlier, we didn't go strawberry picking. We're gonna have more strawberry meals later anyway, so we opted it. 

We just strolled around the farm (a.k.a me and my sisters running around taking pictures like hyper kids) and enjoyed the view of strawberries and flowers and plants.

I love these tiny flowers so much, they're so pretty ♡

Cabbages! Or salad? Not really an avid fan of vegetables (whoops) but look how beautiful the colours are. So fresh!

Everything on this table is strawberry related ♡ They're absolutely delicious, especially the strawberry yoghurt. The scones are wonderful too and they just melt in your mouth marvelously when eaten with the strawberry jam. Anything strawberry will always make me happy!

Another reason that I love anything strawberry is of course the colour. Don't you agree that pink is a sweet colour? 

Again, more loves towards tiny flowers ♡

It's cute to see that Dad keeps hiding between the flower bushes and then making Mum take pictures of him while she was busy trying to take more flower pictures. This was just a few days before their 35th year anniversary ♡ 

Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers, they look so pretty when there's a lot of them.

How unique is this flower, right? It reminds me a lot of candy canes though.

And of course, roses are absolutely wonderful.

Once again, I bought more succulents for myself! (As of now, one is already dead, while another one is dying /sobs/) I'm hoping they'll stay alive for a long time ♡

Second day! We decided to visit a tea farm, and we went to Bharat Cameron Valley Tea House. It's a good choice if you want to spend time leisurely drinking teas, but not so much of a good choice if you want to explore a tea farm. You can only walk around a small portion of the farm (around several hundred metres only), the rest are not open to visitors as it may be dangerous too since the slopes are quite steep. 

If you want to explore around a tea farm, it's better to choose BOH Tea Plantation. And make sure to wear comfy shoes and clothes. The soil can be wet and you may slip, so always be careful!

I love the green view so much!

Does this remind you of Alice in Wonderland? I certainly did! It was so exciting to find this humongous cup of tea, I almost took one home. Sadly, the price are way over my budget. I know I'm not supposed to be playing around with things that I don't intend to buy, especially fragile things, but I couldn't help it. 

The last place we visited before heading home was the Cameron Lavender Garden. This was actually the only place that have an entrance fee, which is RM10 per person. We tried to keep the budget as low as possible for the places we went for this trip, all the other places we visited were free of charge.

Lavenders are so soothing to look at. A part of me wished I could just jump over the fence and lay down on the bed of lavenders, they looked so tempting.

I think boots are a cute replacement of flower pots! If I had a garden, I wouldn't mind getting a few cute boots to plants flowers in them.

I was not familiar with the English name of this plant (Chenille plant), but in Malay, we call this Pokok Ekor Kucing. I think it's an adorable plant, and somehow the flower (?) reminds me of caterpillars (ulat bulu).

More pretty tiny flowers!

These four pictures of the sweet tiny red flowers are taken while I was teaching Mum on how to take good pictures of flowers. Considering that I'm just using my phone to take these, I think I did a decent job. They're my favourite pictures from this trip!

Spot the prettiest flower ;)

I love daisies so much too, I wish I can plant them around my house.

Being surrounded by these beautiful pink flowers are one of the best moments ♡

One of my goals during this trip was to get myself a daisy, and I end up buying six of them ♡ How could I not when they look absolutely gorgeous?

The specialty of this place: lavender ice-cream! We ate the strawberry ice-cream too, and it tasted wonderful, but the lavender ice-cream... I guess it's not what we prefer? It was quite a hassle to finish the lavender ice-cream, but if you do visit this place, do order one and try! Who knows that maybe the lavender ice-cream is the right choice of ice-cream for you ;)

Oh well, so that's the end of my short trip to Cameron Highlands with my family. I experienced a lot during my time there, and they were all great memories. I'll look forward to travel to a new place soon so that I can share more with you guys!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'


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  1. wow the pictures are so beautiful *O* sadly enough I still haven't been there my whole life so I would really want to make this destination as a part of my bucket list heheh

    1. Thank you so much ♡ You really should visit Cameron Highlands! It's definitely a wonderful place.