Monday, September 04, 2017

Movie Review: Time Renegades (2016)

Time Renegades (2016): A 1983 high school teacher and a 2015 detective join forces through their dreams to save a woman they both love.

My rating: 4/5 stars (★)

Stories related to time travelling and being given a chance to change something from the past are not really my cup of tea, but somehow I end up quite enjoying Time Renegades. Even though I still disagree with the fact that the main characters, Jihwan and Detective Gunwoo were able to change some things in history, the thriller part of the movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

While Jihwan is a teacher in 1983, Gunwoo is a detective in the present day (2015). And then there's Yoonjung & Soeun, who is a girl in 1983 & 2015 respectively, but shared the same face and are both teachers in the same school. Jihwan and Gunwoo's life collided through an event during New Year's Eve, and ever since then, Gunwoo was able to see the past through the dreams while Jihwan could the the future through Gunwoo's eyes. Jihwan learned that something will happen to Yoonjung, and he tried to save her using what he was able to see in the future, and Gunwoo, having being able to recognise Soeun from the dream he had, ended up falling for her and did everything he could to save her too.

If you change even a small thing in the past, everything in the future may change, and that was what had happened. Jihwan tried to save Yoojung, but some things were just meant to happen. That didn't mean nothing changed in the future, as Gunwoo struggled to help the woman he loved, but at the same time had to learn the changes in the future because of Jihwan's actions in the past. Every time Jihwan changed something in the past, one can't help but wonder whether something good will happen in the future, or if someone was going to be murdered earlier than they were supposed to be. You can't help but worry who would die and who would survive this time.

I'm surprised that I never heard much from this movie, because it was a rather good one. I love the element of surprise and thrill in it, and it kept me trying to figure out what will happen even until the end. The ending was quite unexpected, but I wouldn't really call it a surprising plot twist? I did love the ending however, I think the people who made this story did well.

Definitely recommending this to anyone who loves thriller and enjoys time travelling stories!

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira

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