Saturday, September 09, 2017

August '17 Haul ✨

After five months, I'm back with another haul post! I swear I still have no idea how I'm able to make a haul post for almost each month- I don't even want to calculate how much I spent on everything, oops? I just splurge on anything that I want, bad habit bad habit, I know. 

Oh well, this time, I'm back to the normal editing style, unlike the one in my previous haul post. It was too time consuming, and I currently have a lot more on my plate, with all the BTS comeback teasers and my journalling + reading process, I'm all too preoccupied! So, I just prefer to keep things simple now.

1. Large Notebook

Another notebook for my never ending collection! Got this from Daiso, and I'm planning to use it as a sketchbook. If I get back to sketching, that's it. I lost my previous sketchbook, and I'm still grieving over my lost sketches, so I'm probably not going to use this one any time soon.

2. Flamingo Post-It Notes

If I had to pick a favourite from the bird species, I would definitely choose flamingos! They look very graceful to me, especially when they stand on their one leg. And also because they're pink, of course. I've been collecting some random flamingo-themed things without quite realising it, and I'm so happy to get this cute post-it notes. It can stand too, which makes it easier for me to use when I get back in university to study.

Also got this from Daiso.

3. Bunny Post-It Note

One can never have enough cute post-it notes. Well, at least that's the case for me! Another adorable must-have post-it note from Daiso, and this time featuring my favourite animal, a bunny. Just as you can see in the right side, it can be folded and you can write a "secret" message in it. Pretty cute, huh?

4. Flamingo Washi Tapes

My washi tape collection is happily growing, I probably need to buy a washi tape organiser real soon. This one's another flamingo-themed item that I got from Daiso.

5. Disney Princess Stickers

Anything Disney will always be my personal favourite, especially when it comes to Disney Princesses! I love them so much to the point I get so happy whenever I see anything with Disney on it, even if the items were meant for a child. I guess I'll always be a child at heart.

6. Cactus Notebook

I'm very fond of succulents, I think they're very soothing and also adorable. But I'm horrible at taking care of them. Remember the two cacti I bought last year? (I mentioned them here) They both died several months after I bought them. I'm thinking of getting another cactus soon, but I guess I need to make a few researches on how to take care of them well before that.

Anyway, how cute is this notebook? I love the fact that you can make it stand, definitely good for writing my to-do lists!

7. Enamel Pins

I have decided that I'm going to start an enamel pins collection! I super love pins, I used to have all sorts of button pins on my bags and pencil case. Stopped buying button pins a while ago, but nowadays I just fell in love with enamel pins. I've been surveying shops from other countries for quite some time, and I'm so happy that I finally found local shops selling beautiful enamel pins! Look forward to this collection growing ♡

  • Magical Unicorn & Freckled Dreamer Girl by @eurekartstudio
  • Get Lost & Pearl by Typo

8. BTS - Wings Album (W, I & G Ver.)

Finally got my hands on Bangtan's Wings albums! I got them all for very cheap price (without the posters and photocards though) from Carousell, so I'm really happy. I actually bought all four versions, but the seller made a mistake and sent me two 'I' versions, so I end up selling the extra one to a friend.

Look at how beautiful they are ♡♡♡ But ugh Bighit why are you wasting the pages you could have filled in more pictures on the left pages! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

9. Novels (Frog Music by Emma Donoghue, Emma by Jane Austen & The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas)

I got Frog Music for RM10 only, what a bargain! I haven't read it yet, and I've never read any books from Emma Donoghue (I knew she wrote the bestselling Room), but the moment I saw this book, I just felt like I had to have it. I love the brightness of the cover, and the synopsis seemed like it have a good plot. Will try reading it soon!

Ever since I read Black Beauty, I've always wanted to read more classic literature. I was actually looking for Romeo & Juliet, but the cheaper version was out of stock, so I decided to try Emma instead. Jane Austen is a really famous author, and I'd love to read her works.

I also heard a lot of good things about The Hate U Give! It is said to revolve around current issues like racism, police violence etc., which really intrigued me. I'm hoping it will be as good as everyone is saying!

10. An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fashion - What on Earth are You Wearing?

My first illustrated encyclopedia! Bought this with Frog Music, which is also RM10. The moment I had my eyes on it, I got super excited because all the illustrations are graceful and beautiful. And it definitely won't hurt me to learn a thing or two about fashion, wouldn't it?

Here's a preview of it's absolute beauty;

Well, that's all from last month! See you guys again in my next haul post ヽ( ≧ω≦)ノ

P.S: To those returning to university/college, all the best! 

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira

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