Monday, June 12, 2017

Quick update: I'm stil alive!

Well, hello there non-existent readers! I'm not even sure if people read my posts anymore (do people even read blogs nowadays?), but I miss being here so I don't think I'd mind if nobody reads this. But to those who are wondering (may God bless you for caring), yes, I'm still alive and living about. I've completed my diploma in TESL last month, and currently waiting for my graduation later this year. 

I haven't been doing much lately. Initially planned to search for part-time jobs, but for some reasons, the plan have to wait until after Eid Al Fitr. For now I'm just gonna relax and enjoy Ramadan with my family, and try to catch up the things I left out while in university. I've started writing (look at the amount of chapters I managed to post, yay!) and reading again, and my online graphic shop is running pretty smoothly, so for now all is well. 

I'm not sure my plan to get into a degree course of Creative Writing or English Literature can be achieved this year or not. Circumstances are showing that I probably can't, but I'll do my best. If not, well, I'll just continue my studies next year huh. 

Anyway, in order to make this long break worth it, I went through my 2017 goals and resolutions again, to see if I managed to achieve anything. It's not a surprise that I barely achieve any of them *lol. The only thing I can rather proudly say I achieved would be to write more. That's it. Oh well, it's always easier to plan that actually executing it perfectly, right? I'll be continuing my efforts in reaching the resolutions, but I've also decided to add a few things to the list. Let's call this, the Second Half of 2017 Goals ✨

  • Read more (in order to be able to continue writing, I need more things to read, so look forward to getting book reviews again soon!)
  • Learn how to sew
  • Re-learn how to knit
  • Less long naps
  • Update stories at least once a week

That's probably it, I may not even manage to pull off everything in the list. But hey, a girl can always dream, right? ♡

If you're reading this, drop a hi!

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira