Friday, March 03, 2017

January + February '17 Haul

I'm back with another haul post! As you know (or you don't?), I hoard a lot of stuffs, especially if I think it's cute, which means that I buy a lot of nonsensical things each month. I'm combining January and February because posting them separately feels funny (since it's already March).

I'm also trying a new way of uploading my haul pictures! Do you think it's cute?

1. Watermelon Clutch
I'm obsessed with anything watermelon, and I was so happy when I found this baby. I'm currently using it to keep my journal stuffs (washi tapes, stickers, sticky notes, etc.)

2. Coloured Pens
To be honest, I already owned a lot of coloured pens, but I can never help it whenever I find ones with cute designs. This set of pens are not really a favourite, the ink is a bit hard to flow, but I love the cute design a bit too much.

3. Monami Sign Pen
One of best pens to journal! I could use them to write and even colour using them! Definitely a fav ♡

4. Alpaca Washi Tape
The cutest alpaca washi tape everrrrrrrrrrrr

5. Biscuit Sticky Note
Got this from Daiso and it's been my fav ever since (because duh it's biscuit, how can I not love?)

6. Cat Sticky Note
Not sure if I should call this sticky notes? It's very small and you used it to mark a page or something. Also got from Daiso.

7. Pink Pencil Box

8. Fluffy Socks (red stripes)
9. Fluffy Socks (polka dots)
Got both of these socks from Daiso (Daiso is literally heaven and hell for me, I love everything in Daiso but Daiso also is the reason why I'm broke) and I'm happily using both socks to go to sleep. It warms my feet and makes me feel cute too at the same time ⋐(ల◕◡◕ల)⋑

10. Black Numbers Totebag
Just like what We Bare Bears said, there will never be enough tote bags! Bought this to use for my teaching practicum so I can bring my AVA (audio-visual aids) in it.

11. 80's Glam Sharpie
Love love love the colours, there's never anything wrong with Sharpie pens, but for some reasons I haven't been using them much.

12. Pilot Whiteboard Marker
Originally bought to be used at school for teaching purposes, but the school where I'm doing my practical now has no whiteboard, so I had to settle with chalks. Using these markers for my AVA, and I really recommend it since they're really smooth.

13. Giant Grey Teddy Bear (name: Maru)
One of my friend gave this to me as a birthday gift. It's seriously huge, almost my own size! And so fluffy tooooooooooo. I named her as Maru (^(工)^)

14. Chicken Plushie (name: Cuckoo)
Also a birthday gift! Named her Cuckoo despite being a chicken ◔ ◡ ◔

15. Floral notebook
I definitely don't need another notebook, but how could I resist such a cute notebook??

16. Worldmap clutch/bag
Not sure if I should call it a clutch or a bag... but this one is also used to store more of my stickers and sticky notes for journalling purposes!

17. Craft papers

18. Stickers

19. Die cut papercrafts...? (not sure of the name)

20. Washi tapes

21. BTS Stickers & Jungkook Artprint (by jin.blossoms)
My first BTS fanart stickers and artprint! They're seriously so pretty and god I'm so in love with jin.blossom's arts ♡

22. Panda and Polar Bear Sticky Notes
I think the panda and polar bear are characters from an anime series? I can't remember the title (was it Polar Bear Cafe?) but I'm loving this sticky notes!

23. Nametag
For my teaching practicum. I would prefer to use the name Humaira, but I was scared the kids I'm teaching might have a hard time to pronounce it.

24. Mermaid ring (by wander.bug)
Hands down, the prettiest ring that has ever existed ♡

25. Mermaid bracelets (by robxofficial)
Robxofficial has officially become my favourite place to shop for mermaid bracelets. I already have 3, and currently eyeing 3 more designs. Will upload soon if I buy the other 3 designs too ♡ Plus, the owner of the store is amazingly nice to me and even drew me some mermaid stickers! Definitely fav!

26. Novelty socks
I'll never be able to say no to cute socks, especially the Ariel one.

27. Tonymoly Peach Hand cream
I'm a sucker for hand creams and god this peach hand cream by Tonymoly has the cutest packaging in the whole world! I've always wanted to have this peach beauty, and I'm so grateful to mom for buying it for me recently. Thanks mom ♡

28. Mermaid Keychain
I was like a happy child when I found this baby when I was doing my grocery shopping. It's a mermaid and a pink one too, combination of my favs!

29. Cleo Magazine (January Edition)

30. W.Dressroom New York Perfumes (April Cotton & Peach)
The April Cotton perfume went viral thanks to Jungkook of BTS, and I'd be lying if I say I myself was not curious as how it smelled like. But the main reason I bought these perfumes was because I wanted a Peach perfume (and dah alang-alang tu, beli je la yang April Cotton jugak lol). They both smelled sweet and mild, which suits me a lot because I don't really enjoy heavy scented things.

31. BTS Official 2017 Calendar
This is from the official Season's Greetings, but I didn't want the other things in the set so I settled with getting the calendar only. The pictures were all very beautiful :')

32. Phone Case (비스쿹 ♡)
This phone case was inspired by one of the love of my life's sweater, and his name is the one written in Hangul. Congratulations if you can read it and guess who's the man ♡

So, there you go! My hauls for January and February. I definitely bought way more than these but most of the other things were rather... say, insignificant? I hope some of you did read this post until the end, and to those who do, thanks a lot and love you guys!

Do look forward to my next hauls!

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira


  1. Wow. You've got a lot of stuffs! :D Oh, lovely socks you got there. :D I love the fluffy one and the cute ones at the end. And I can understand how Daiso's been emptying everybody's pocket. Haha


    1. Haha yeah... that's a problem of mine. I still buy even when I'm broke lol (I know it's bad, but I can't help it). And aaaaa socks are one of the best thing in the world! You're only seeing what I recently bought, I got quite a big collection of socks already lol

      Like I said, Daiso can be both heaven and hell hahah

  2. where did u get your pink pencil box? it's cute