Monday, January 02, 2017

2017's Resolutions & Goals

I'm not really the type to set up goals and make new year resolutions, I rarely ever plan anything because I'm horrible in following plans. But late last year, I bought myself a planner and decided that maybe I should start planning my daily schedules better. I probably won't reach much of the resolutions, but it's not wrong to try, right?

Positive vibes only.
This is the one the one that I seek for the most. 2016 had been a year where I've learned the most from the people around me, and I've decided I should not let myself be filled with negativeness anymore. I'll do my best to only accept positiveness, and spread positive vibes as much as I could.

Write more.
I normally would say "read more, write more", but sadly this year I probably won't be able to read much due to my teaching practicum. I'll be able to read again for the later half of this year, but in the mean time, I'll focus on my writing more. I'm planning to further my studies in Creative Writing, so this goal is a must reach!

Blog more.
2016 had been a year where I'm rarely active here on my blog, compared to during my high school years. I'd like to start blogging and sharing more again like I used to! And I'd love to be active again on my Tumblr too, soon.

Graduate with a decent CGPA.
If only I'm smarter, I'd aim for getting 4 flat, but that's pretty impossible. I have only a semester left, which will consist of a language camp and a teaching practicum. I'm hoping to get good grades for both, so at least I'll graduate with being in the dean's list.

Less anger.
I have quite a temper, and this will continuously be a worry for me. My relationship with my family and friends were always put up to test due to my temper, I lost some friends due to my temper, so I need to learn to stay calm and be less angry.

Journal every other day!
My journal last year only consisted of less then 10 pages. I've always loved to write, and journalling is something very fun to do. I'd like to at least fill half of my journal for this year. I'll show my journalling progress real soon, whether here or on my Instagram account: @mermaird

More mermaid things for my collection.
If you know me in real life, you'll know how many mermaid/Ariel/ocean related items that I have. I'm looking for more, basically anything that's related to mermaid and ocean: beauty products, clothes, figurines, stationery, etc. So, if you found any interesting things, do contact me!

Eat healthily, be fit.
I should eat less unhealthy food and start working out again.

Spend money wisely.
This one is gotta be the hardest. I'm known to be a huge spender, and I spend money impulsively. It's going to be hard to control my urge to buy just everything that I think is cute, but I'll have to try anyway.

Kick start the My Love for Biskut Project.
Ooh, what's this? A secret maybe? 

Basically, my new year resolution & goals consisted of things that I strive for every day, nothing too heavy. Other things will probably be listed in my Bucket List that I'll soon add in my "About Me" section.

What are your New Year resolutions? Do share!

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira


  1. Very nice goals, sweetie💕 I wish you all the best to reach all the goals in 2017🙆🏻 I also have a lot of wishes this year and hope to accomplish all of them with Allah's blessings💖 I think the most hard things for me are, to move on and control my emotions especially anger and sadness. But I'll try my best as most friends and even two special persons in my life have told me that. So, lastly, good luck, Mai🌸 May Allah helps you in accomplishing those goals. Aamiin ya Rabb.

    1. Thank you hajar ♡ I hope you'll reach your goals too, inshaaAllah!

  2. My love for Biskut project? I smell kookie /insert black moon emoji here/

    1. Heheh. Then your sense of smell is really good! /inserts emoji pakai shades hitam/