Saturday, December 24, 2016

How You Treat People

I have been really inactive as of this year, so I wanted to at least end this year with writing something productive. So here's my last post of 2016, just a short message that I want to share with people on how to treat others.

One of the reasons I was inactive in this year was due to me trying to deal with people that constantly tried to bring me down, whether intentionally or unintentionally. I was depressed and hopeless in most time of the year, but it made me become more mature. I learned that how you treat people, reflects how you want to be treated by others. I just wish that people realise this.

Respect, trust and love need to be earned. You don't get it simply just like that. If you want people to respect, trust and love you, you need do the same: towards yourself and others. You don't demand to be respected when you yourself don't respect other people's feelings. There are a lot of people around me that complains that others do not respect them, but in the first place, were they even respectful? 

I am not saying I am the nicest person, I sometimes act like sh*t too. One thing that I'm sure of is that, whenever people start to act differently to me, instead of demanding what they want from me, I try to reflect back on my actions. If I'm wrong, I'll apologise. If I'm not at fault, well, normally I just stay silent. I'm not the type to confront people when I have things to say; I just let go. But recently, things are getting out of hand. The people around me, my own friends that I've put my trust in, start to become different. Fights happen, cold treatments take place instead of friendliness. 

I'm tired of handling people that constantly demands what I want from them, and people that are just plainly hypocrite. I've vowed to treat myself better, to only keep positive vibes, so when people around me started to act negatively, I have no choice but to stand up and leave. I've had enough of people leaving me, so I'm not afraid to lose anything. How you treat me reflects how you want to be treated; so if you treat me like bullsh*t, that's when I stop caring. 

It's easy. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Stop hurting others' feelings, stop demanding when you won't even compromise, stop saying things that you don't actually mean. Even the people that you hate have feelings. Everyone have feelings. Every human makes mistakes. Reflect and be a better person.

Till next time ♡ Love, Maira


  1. It's sad that nowadays being nice means that you need to be at the receiving end and endures the crap from others.

    Glad that you stand up for yourself.

    Nurul Rasya's blog

    1. Yeah, you're right. We're living in a world where being kind makes you hard to survive, but how can we not be kind? The world needs more kindness and everything nice.

  2. It's hard, sweetie. but yes, you're so true. even Allah said that we shall reflect on ourselves, on our doings. It's hard, but we have to try. It's very sad when people around us, trying to bring us down. down until I thought of suicidal. but we've learnt Islamic knowledge and we know that suicidal is not a right choice. perhaps they won't even care about us dying. *if they really don't have feelings* but yeah I believe they have feelings. sometimes, people envy of what we have. till now, I don't know what do I have that it takes them to bring me down a lot of times. Allah has the answer. People can say, "sabr is the best choice. You need to be very patient" but now in my mind, till when? I'm tired. I keep alive because of Him, my parents, my family and my beloved ones. If not, I won't be here. people sees that I'm strong enough and I always can endure all the pain and challenges. but people doesn't know how much I struggle to achieve what I have now. but I believe, I don't need appreciation from humans because it won't be remained forever. It's enough that Allah sees me. It's so hard, sweetie. to remain positive vibes in yourself. but again, I believe in Him. His power. May Allah bless our beloved ones and I pray that Allah will give happiness to those people so that they can forget mine. Be strong and I hope that you won't get depressed anymore. Good luck, sweetie!

    1. Hajar :(
      I didn't know you suffered a lot too. When I first read this I wanted to cry, you went through a lot. Thank you for your kind words and support, I hope you'll gain more happiness from now on ♡