Saturday, October 01, 2016

September '16 Haul: Part 1 🐚

Hello, creatures of the Earth! Happy first October! I haven't been active much on my blog lately, in exception of a few book and movie reviews. I decided to change my blog URL simply out of boredom. No frets, humairashamsul still belongs to me, and if you search it up on the search bar, it'll redirect you to this blog. I probably will change it back to that name soon, but for now, I'm absolutely loving mairathemermaid. I'll try to make a post on my obsession fondness for mermaids soon, so look out for it if you want to know anything about it!

Anyway, I've spent quite a lot of money in September (just like all months, to be honest. Yes, I know it's unhealthy but how to stop getting my hands on cute things?), and I decided to make a haul post for it. There'll be two parts, because I've bought a few more things in the last minutes and I haven't had time to take pictures of them.

1st Item: Handbag

Never in my whole life had I ever owned a cute handbag (tote bags and other types of bags are not counted), and I'm so ecstatic when I finally found the perfect bag for me. It's in rose gold, basically another shade of pink, which is a perfect match for a pink lover like me. The size is convenient enough for me to bring my essentials around and the quality is very good despite the cheap price.

2nd item: Ariel figurine toy

There's no end to my love towards mermaids, especially Ariel, even if it means buying a child's toy. This version of Ariel looks so cute, I think it would look very nice being displayed on my desk or shelf. And it has two pretty dresses too, which adds more fun to it. 

I'm probably acting like a nine-year-old girl, but oh who cares? Some child-like habits or fondness can never be erased from you, no matter how old you grow up. 

3rd item(s): Seashells

Getting these seashells didn't require any money, but I'm still considering it as part of my September haul. Thanks to my dear friend, I was able to go to the beach after missing the ocean and the salty air so much ♥ I wanted to watch the sun rise, but we went out too late for that and the sun can already be seen on the morning sky. Nonetheless, a morning spent listening to the sound of the waves and collecting seashells was something very calming for me. I'm probably going to start a seashell collection.

Edit: I already started my seashell collection.

4th item: Flamingo socks

Apart from anything related to mermaids or the ocean, I'm also an avid collector of cute socks. I've already have a pile of them, and I'm definitely thinking of widening my collection all the time. There's just no way for me to stop myself from buying cute socks. I tend to wear them during my sleep since my feet get cold easily, so buying socks are not a waste.

Flamingo is my favourite among the bird species, mostly because they're pink in colour, but just the existence of them and when they're in flocks by the shallow river, they looked really beautiful. Just a few days before I bought this socks, I saw someone posted an almost similar version of this socks on Instagram. I'm so happy I got to have one of my own too!

5th item: Seashell notebook

Ah, I'm really hopelessly a hoarder of many things. I collect cute notebooks too (yeah, now you know why I'm always running short of money) even though I end up not using most of them. Maybe one day I'll make a good use of all my unused collection of notebooks.

I got this baby at an art shop. It was my first time going to an art shop, an I'm positive I was beaming the whole time while being inside the shop. I have a huge interest over arts, it's just that I have not much basic in it. I wanted to learn, but art classes are so expensive... and I just suck at practicing every day by myself, I tend to stray away and do something else instead hmm.

6th item: 'Beach' wooden standee

I'm not sure what to call this, so I guess standee would suffice. I've always wanted a one-letter wooden standee, especially from Typo, but I've never gotten the chance to buy one. I got this one from Daiso, and it makes me so happy to have this word on my shelf right now.

7th item: Tropical/Hawaiian/Flamingo postcard pack

I got this from a Popular Bookstore. I'm thinking of hanging it in my room, since I rarely ever journal and it seemed unlikely for me to journal using this. Bought this because I really love postcards and they got lots of flamingos on them!

8th item(s): Disney Princess books

These are probably for young children to read, but my love for Disney Princesses will never fade, especially for the lovely Ariel ♥ There's a lot of stickers in the book too, I'm thinking of using them to decorate my room also. The only thing that these books upset me is that there's no Prince Eric in it /inserts sad face/

9th item: Pink floral notebook

Another impulsive buy from me because it's a cute notebook and it's pink and it's cheap.

10th item: Pink decorative strings

Will be used to decorate my room soon!

11th item(s): Lotte Milkis soda beverages

I've always wanted to try these drinks. I don't really enjoy soda drinks, but these are quite delicious! I'd love to try the other flavours sometime soon. I even kept the cans because they're very cute.

12th item: Scented candle

Scented candles are also another thing that I've always wanted to buy, and only now managed to buy one. My mom gave me some vanilla scented candles before this, and I haven't use them still. Can't wait to light up this candle soon, my room would smell heavenly ♥


So those are some of the things that I've bought during September. I'll be back with part 2 soon!

P.S: I probably should do this for every month since I do haul a lot actually.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

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