Sunday, June 19, 2016

Short Getaway (+ 2 hrs journey, The Conjuring 2, etc.)

I'm back with a new template! I originally planned to buy a template, but then I found this one, kudos to Erin Azmir for her top 5 minimalist blogger template post on her blog. It looks cleaner and the fonts are more visible (gotta admit that my previous template had really tiny fonts, right?)

Anyway, I just started a new semester in university. It's a short semester (approximately 7 weeks), which means double the schedules and my days are more hectic even though I'm only taking 5 subjects this semester. The only subject I'm looking forward to is Japanese Language class. I hope I'll learn good things in the class. It's just a week, but it already felt like a month. I also just moved into a new dorm house outside of campus, I'll probably do a room tour (my part of the room only) soon.

We hadn't actually planned anything, but six out of eight of us (me and my friends a.k.a dorm housemates) end up getting in the car and travelled to Kemaman, Terengganu, which took around a 2 hours journey. It started with one of us finally remembering that she hadn't used up her book vouchers yet, so me and the others that are bibliophiles immediately stepped forward eagerly to use the vouchers for her so it wouldn't be a waste. I'll never say no to free books

And we wanted so badly to watch a movie too.

The journey started at 7.30 AM, and we got there at around 9.30 AM, which of course meant that we had to go somewhere else since the mall weren't opened yet. Thanks to my friends' keen eyes, they saw the way to go to a nearby beach, and here we are!

The beach is really beautiful. There were these pretty purple flowers everywhere, and I can't help but praise God by the scene in front of us. We spent quite a while there, just staring at the wide ocean. It was calming, even the sky was beautiful that time.

When the mall finally opens, we entered the bookstore to buy books first. Originally, I was able to take two books, All The Light We Cannot See and Evil Librarian. But the cashier refrained us from spending a RM200 book voucher on novels only. We have to mix between educational books too. Which pretty much pissed me off, because that had never even happened before, even in bigger bookstores in KL. It was annoying, and after quite some time we end up spending only RM100 voucher. I am definitely not going to that bookstore ever again, sorry not sorry.

But hey, thanks a lot Dinie for buying me this book! Not sure if I would like All The Light We Cannot See or not, because the story is taken place in the World War II era (I normally enjoy watching movies for this setting, I rarely read books with the setting), but I heard many good reviews for it, so I'm not worried much. Even the synopsis sounds promising. We'll see.

After the irritating event at the bookstore, we all head to the cinema. I actually wanted to watch Finding Dory (because Finding Nemo is a beautiful childhood memory that I'm still fond of), but seeing that all my friends wanted to watch The Conjuring 2, I decided to follow them. Plus,watching a movie alone would be sad.

The Conjuring 2 met my expectation, but I admit that I prefer The Conjuring more. But yes, Valak is definitely more hideous than Bathsheeba (is this how its spelled? I don't want to search it up on Google). Unlike when I watched The Conjuring, I didn't scream at all while watching The Conjuring 2. Though I did mutter some incoherent words accidentally and make angry comments to calm myself down, because damn it was scary! Definitely recommending this to horror lovers, you're gonna love it.

I'll be back with a full review for it later at the end of this month, with all the other movies that I have watched.

Half of the important people in my uni life ♡ One person is missing in this picture (Nick), and three people are absent from this short getaway (Mehi, Mira & Yayas). I'm hoping our next trip anywhere will consist of all of us, so I can check off my bucket list to have a road trip with my girlfriends. Can't wait for more fun moments with these girls!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aera


  1. Love your new template !

  2. lol i would be pissed too

    1. Who wouldn't? I mean, I really don't need any "educational" books since my course doesn't require books, so what's wrong if I want to spend them on novels? Novels actually help me better in my course

  3. turun kuantan ah pahni dah alang alang kemaman tu hehe

    1. InshaaAllah satu hari nanti, rajin-rajin I turun kuantan pulak :>