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Book Review: Temptation by R. L. Stine

Title: Temptation (contains Goodnight Kiss, Goodnight Kiss 2 & The Vampire Club)
Series: -
Author: R. L. Stine
Genre: Fantasy & paranormal
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publish Date: July 2012 (Goodnight Kiss - 1992) (Goodnight Kiss 2 - 1996) (The Vampire Club - 1997)
Pages: 407
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Book blurb: In this collection of three fan-favorite stories, the vampires of Sandy Hollow crave the summer months. Summer means plenty of beach tourists…and plenty of fresh blood after months of deprivation. But this year the Eternal Ones have decided to spice things up with a little bet: The first to seduce a hot date of the human variety, and then turn him into a fellow creature of the night, wins.

The catch? In order to successfully turn their prey, they must take only three small sips of blood on three different nights. If they take too much blood on any night, the human will die and the bet will be lost.

The setup sounds simple enough, but things quickly get complicated—especially since each vampire is just dying to quench their thirst...

Overall rate: ★★☆☆☆ (2.9 out of 5)

Book cover: 4/5

Story plot: 3/5

Characters: 2.5/5

Language: 3/5

Book's world: 2/5

Favourite excerpt from the book:

Jessica laughed. "I am sweet," she insisted. And then she added coyly, "But it's too late for you to find that out."

Gabri uttered a cry of disgust. "But I need the nectar!" he cried, turning to her. "Without the nectar, I'll perish."

"Where'd you get that line? Out of an old horror movie?"Jessica joked, shaking her head. She repeated it in a high-pitched, desperate voice, imitating him meanly. "Without the nectar, I'll perish."

This book just gave me another reason to hate vampires. I bought the book because I'm fond of the cover, and I was expecting something great from R. L. Stine, but I am left with a disappointment. I should have known that vampires will no longer be something that I would look forward to.

CHARACTERS: Man, I just gotta say that I dislike most of the characters in this book. There's Jessica, Gabri, April, Matt and Todd in Goodnight Kiss; Diana, Billy, Jay, Nate, Kylie and Irene in Goodnight Kiss 2; and Pete, Nan and Lee in The Vampire Club. I think the only character that I was rooting for will be Diana, because she was there to seek revenge for her cousin that died because of vampires. I just like bad ass girls.

The other characters were simply too childish, too immature or they act too impulsively all the time. The vampires irked me a lot whenever they started speaking how thirsty they were. I am aware that they are vampires, but it still annoyed the hell out of me.

PLOT: Basically, the plot for both Goodnight Kiss and Goodnight Kiss 2 were the same: vampires playing bets on who will change a human into a vampire first will win. I can accept it at first, but two stories with the same plot going on, it started to get boring. In order to win the bet, the vampires could only take three sips on three different days, which of course, didn't manage to get rid of their huge thirst for blood.

What was the point changing humans into vampires when they won't be able to quench their thirst? It would only make the population of vampires increase, thus resulting in fighting for their own source of food. It was plainly a nonsensical thing to do. 

The plot twist for Goodnight Kiss was expected, but I didn't really see the twist coming in Goodnight Kiss 2. Not that I appreciate it the littlest bit though. I think that the plot twists were too much, and it simply explains that vampires will never be defeated by humans. Which adds to another reason for me to hate vampires. 

The Vampire Club was a rather short story, and even though I didn't like the way how Pete was too eager on pleasing Nan (they just met each other for what, a day? and he was already so hyped to have her as his girlfriend and would do anything to please her. Oh please, give me a break), I think I did like how the story turned out at the end. It reminded me of the horror endings of R. L. Stine's Goosebumps series that I used to enjoy reading.

LANGUAGE: I have no problem with the language, except for a few usage of words. For instance, using nectar instead of blood. Nectar? We're not talking about insects here. I know that R. L. Stine probably wanted to do something original, but god, when the vampires talked too much about "nectar", I just lost it. It was plainly cheesy and annoying. 

There were a little bit too much of word and sentence repetitions too. I could handle it, but I would have appreciated if it was toned down a little. At one point, it did make one lose interest in the story.

RECOMMEND: I don't think I would recommend this story to anyone... I don't see the need to share it since I myself didn't enjoy reading it much. But if you're a definite fan of R. L Stine and vampires, it wouldn't be a harm for you to pick this up since there are many who rated this book with 5 stars.

I am just so, so glad that we live in a world without vampires.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aishah Humaira'

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