Hi and hello! I am currently in my exam week and I am much aware that I am not supposed to be doing other things than studying and revising. But I got the title Queen of Procrastination & Chill for a reason. It's known that I do my things in the last minutes, and I chill more than everyone else you may ever know. Like, even though I have a paper tomorrow morning, you will still see me playing around, editing graphics, drawing or even write stories. Yes, I am that chill.

The reason why I chill so much even during my finals? I just wanted to avoid the stress. I used to not be this chill at all times (it gets to the point when a friend became so stressful, I told her "they're just papers, they won't kill you") but I learned my lesson during the previous times when I got too stressed. It made me sick and very cranky towards everyone, so I hate that. That is the reason why I am so chill and relaxed at all times. You only live once, don't stress yourself too much and just enjoy!

Other than that, there hadn't been much happening in my life lately, so I'd like to share the recent posters that I have made on my shop, Tiny Strawberry ♡ --// GRAPHIC SHOP //--

Can you tell me which one you like the most? I really appreciate a comment!

Till next time ♡ Love, Aera