Saturday, April 23, 2016

Of Food Treats and Policemen

21 April 2016 would be a memorable day for me. It's not all day I get to experience a day like it. For my next semester in university, I won't be staying in the dorm anymore since I'll be renting a house with some friends. So we all planned to take a look at the house because most of us haven't seen it yet, but the plan failed to proceed because the owner was not around.

We were lazy to go out then, but went out anyway because of hunger. There were four of us, me, Nick, Ijat and Mira. Nick had been craving KFC for many days already, so I drove us all to the nearby KFC, and being grateful, Nick treated me for a Snack Plate! I am utterly grateful for that, because whoever treats me food will always be loved by me ♡ ♡ ♡

After contemplating for a moment, we decided to continue our food journey at Sushi King because we haven't had any sushi for a long time. I had craved sushi for so long, I'm so happy to finally be able to eat sushi again. I don't really remember what I ordered (blame my lame memory), but I made sure that there were lots of salmons. Because salmon is love! Salmon is definitely my favourite fish, and I totally love this one dish of rice topped with mayonnaise wrapped with salmon. It's the one on the red plate below, the second one where there's only one sushi on it. And I ordered a bento box too because I love the sticky rice and of course, more salmon!

After eating a lot, we head to a nearby bookstore. We didn't plan to buy anything initially, we were just browsing on some Malay horror books. Mira and I were excited and devastated all at the same time, because we found very interesting books but didn't have money to purchase them. I didn't want to use my BB1M vouchers yet since I'm keeping them to buy other book series next month. 

We were sitting on the floor, looking longingly at the books when Ijat suddenly suggested that we buy the books. I told her that I didn't want to use my vouchers yet, and Mira didn't want to use her money, but then Ijat said something that made us cheer rather aloud in the bookstore (which was then shushed by a passing-by stranger). Ijat treated the three of us for a book each, and two for herself! This was the first time someone bought me a book (excluding my parents of course, they bought me so much books already) and I am absolutely happy for that. Thanks a lot, Ijat! My book is the one in the middle, by the way.

During the night, another friend, Min wanted to treat our gang for a meal at a steamboat restaurant. The only ones that could make it were me myself, Min, Yuni, Izah, Laili, Izhar, Kirin and Bear. It had been a while since we went out together, it's pretty sad that not all of us were there.

I'm not really a fan of steamboat, simply because I don't like to cook the food myself /facepalms at myself, but I also never say no to free food, and I miss hanging out with my friends, so that was the reason why I tagged along. We had a great time eating, thanks a lot to Min (and her family for paying for the meal). 

After eating, we felt like the night was still early so we decided to hangout at Shahbandar, a nearby place where there was a Thai food festival currently going on. We walked separate ways, and I was with Yuni all the time. When we met the others back, we found out that Izhar was not feeling well, and both he and Izah were at the car already, so Yuni and I walked to the parking lot... Only to find the two being interrogated by a few policemen.

I felt that something bad was going on the moment I saw the police officers, and it didn't help that it seemed like my friends, Izah and Izhar were in trouble. I was confused when I neared them, and even until today, I don't know what the policemen wanted from us. The car that we used were a rent car, and the police was so intent on knowing who the owner is, to the point that it became ridiculous because they themselves said that we're not in any trouble.

If we're not in trouble, why would you even held us as if we committed a wrongdoing? The police officers claimed that they were just worried about us because we're still young, and the place where we parked our cars were a dangerous place, where there had been many cases of cars being broken or stolen. Okay, so let's say the policemen were worried about us, then what is the reason of rising their voices at us? It was totally annoying because my friends and I were innocent and had to suffer listening to the polices' nonsensical talks.

I admit I was scared and I even trembled, despite the fact that I did nothing wrong. The police officers were definitely intimidating, but I don't appreciate what they did to me and my friends. They basically ruined our mood by trying to show their authority.

That was the first time I was treated a lot by my friends, and also the first time dealing with policemen. I won't forget that day.

Till next time ♡ Love, Aera

P.S: Thank you so much to all my friends! I still had a great day thanks to all of you!

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