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Movie Review: Pure Love (Unforgettable)

Pure Love: On a live music radio show, a letter arrives from the 23 years in the past. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

Review: Pure Love is a story that shows no matter what happens, friendship still matters.

The story started with a radio announcer who seemed like he no longer have any passion in his work. During his session, he received a letter with a name that reminded him of someone he used to know. This is where the past of five friends were revealed.

Beomsil, Suok, Sandol, Gaeduk and Gilja were good friends. In exception of Suok who has a problem with walking, the others studied somewhere far, only coming back to the island they lived in for summer. The first half of the movie was filled with memories of their fun times, showing how close they were, and how Beomsil, Sandol and Gaeduk were silently in love with Suok.

Their friendship was tested when they thought Suok was in love with a doctor who promised to fix Suok's legs, but turns out to be lying about the real truth behind the surgery. Beomsil was angry, but Suok protected the doctor. This triggered a fight between the five friends. When Suok finally learned the truth, she was still persistent about getting a surgery. But when her father refused to give permission for the surgery, she seek for comfort at the ocean, where she had lost her mother.

So I made some research on this movie, and it turns out that this movie did not get into box office and flopped instead. It was not really a surprise. Sure, the casts were great and the story line can be called beautiful, but there were things lacking. Firstly, I could say the story lacked good values. The only good value would probably be the value of friendship, but this too, was learned too late, when Suok is no longer around. Other values? I don't think I see any.

Secondly, the tragic part where they finally found Suok's body in the sea could have been executed in a better way. Of course I cried during that part, but I can't help but judge it. There were a few people who dived into the sea to look for Suok and they found her, sending a sign by blowing the whistle. The sound was heartbreaking, and the reaction from Suok's father and Beomsil tore me apart. But the thing here is, those men could not bring out Suok's body, and the men even had professional equipment.

I'm not sure what the director was trying to show, maybe true love can do anything? Because Beomsil said "She was waiting for me" or something before diving into the ocean to get her. I admit, the scene inside the water, where he pulled her into an embrace as if saying that everything is okay was beautiful. But how easily he was able to pull her out was rather ridiculous. The men earlier had said her body was too heavy, so how can a young man like Beomsil was able to pull her out as simple as that? In my opinion, it would have been better if Beomsil took at least two or three tries to pull her out. That would have shown his devotion for her better.

But no worries, despite the scenes that could have been written better, there were still scenes that are beautiful and shows the sweetness of friendship. I absolutely love the part where the four worked their butts off by running to bring Suok to a singing competition. Their efforts to make Suok happy was amazing. And then there's a part where Gaeduk stole his family's boat to bring all of them to a small island where a lighthouse stood. It shows how much they cared for each other, especially for Suok.

The most heartbreaking part would have been the part where Suok learned the truth about her surgery. There were no good news, and of course it broke her apart. Beomsil was there to comfort her and when she said she wanted to be able to walk, he told her that he would stay by her side and bring her wherever she wants, no matter what happens. His confession, combined with the rain and the umbrella kiss were absolutely beautiful why do I keep repeating the word "beautiful" so much. Beomsil loved her so much, only to find out that she was no longer breathing on the very next day.

I had never cried so much after watching a movie. The pain of knowing that your first love died in a really bitter way, and the fact that the friendship was still not mended, what could have been more cruel? It still saddens me, for I know that if Suok had not jumped into the sea, she would have been taken care by Beomsil for the rest of her life.

There were things lacking in the movie, but Pure Love is still a movie that I would recommend to people. If you have read one of my previous posts, you would know how much I treasure and cherish friendship. Always love your friends, for they are there by your side when you needed someone.

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