It is pretty obvious I am not supposed to be here right now, at this hour, in front of my laptop, writing this post. I am very much aware that I have a test in a few more hours, and I have not studied much for it, and there are assignments that I have not yet completed... But. It has been three months and I just suddenly have the urge to write something.

Three months had taught me a lot. I started 2016 with a goal that I am going to focus solely on my own happiness before thinking about others, but that did not start very well. In just three months, I have learned quite a number of good values. These three months had taught me;

  • Friendship is not permanent. But if both sides give a lot of effort for each other, you can be together for eternity
  • Do not judge someone from their appearance, or judge someone by listening about them from others. Talk to the person, get to know them yourself
  • Make friends with everyone. Do not even try to hate people
  • It does not hurt to have many friends, but keep your circle small to avoid too much drama
  • Do not let people's words take you down. You know your own abilities, you can be whatever you want to be
  • Have a strong stand in yourself. Do not follow someone just because you think they are good. Think about your own good
  • People come and leave. You do not have to be sad if someone leaves. There are more people who appreciate you and love you for who you are
  • You only live once. Cherish yourself and do things that makes you happy

Those are a few things that I have learned. There are more, but those are more personal so I will just keep them to myself. I really hope people will realise this too. Your own happiness is much more important that anyone else's. Sometimes it is alright to be selfish.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Other than being involved in a real-life drama, I did accomplish a few things. Firstly, I just got my driving license! I was a nervous wreck when I took the test (I failed once, so yeah haha), but I am so glad that I passed. This means... Possible road trip for my next holiday! (If, I managed to get a car... Somewhere.)

I also made a lot more graphics for my graphic shop on Asianfanfics: Tiny Strawberry ♡ --// GRAPHIC SHOP //. These are the ones from the previous batch though. 

I was a bit lame and lazy for this batch, which explains why some of the posters are a bit... Meh. I just opened a new batch earlier this month though, and I am proud to say my editing skills are getting better. I will show the results later when the current batch ends.

I am still considering talking to my parents about my interest in enrolling into a graphic design course after my diploma, but there is a small part of me trying to prevent myself from doing so. After a lot of thinking, I think I may further my studies in English communication, and then continuing with a foreign language (preferably Korean, because of obvious reasons) and if I am blessed enough, becoming a translator. I heard that being a translator makes a lot of money too ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Another good news! I have started writing again (人*´∀`) You can see what I have written by clicking the fiction on the navigation, I have made a list. But I will list them here anyway. Sadly, all of them are locked with "subscribers only", so if you do not have an account on Asianfanfics, you would not be able to read them. No worries, though! If you are really interested in reading any of them, just send me an email. I would not hesitate to email you the story!

Title: Breathe (And Let Go...)

Characters: Oh Sehun and Lee Hana (OC) ft. Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jongin, Lee Donghae, Kim Jonghyun

Blurbs: Sehun's life used to depend solely on his older brother. But when his brother died, he lost the only support that he had. His parents never cared about him, his friends' judgement about his life worsened and the only person that he trusted other than his late-brother simply did not need him anymore. The life that he used to have were gone, and there was no reason to continue the misery. So he chose to take his own life. If he thinks that committing suicide is easy, he’s wrong. There will always be someone out there that wants you to continue being alive. For Sehun, it’s her.

Notes: This is actually the remake of Three Days Love, an old story of mine. This will involve a lot of tear-jerking moments, so I recommend you read this with tissues. Or... Is it just me who cries when writing this?

Title: You Hurt Me (So Bad, So Bad)

Characters: Oh Sehun ft. Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Park Chanyeol

Blurbs: It was their 1000th day anniversary, and being a rather sentimental guy, Sehun wanted to surprise the man that he loved so dearly with a wakeup call. Instead of simply calling, like every other days, he decided to go through the two hours journey early in the morning so that he could spend the day with his lover. Ever since his lover moved to the city, it had been harder for them to spend their times together simply because both were busy with their works. It did not occur to him that the real reason why Jongin refused to see him lately was because he was busy being with someone else.

Notes: First of all, let me establish this fact; I do not enjoy reading or writing any boyxboy thing. You can consider me as a homophobic. There are reasons why this story is a boyxboy. This is also a gift for a good friend of mine, so I did not write this because of personal interest. If you somehow wanted to know why I am not comfortable with boyxboy things but end up writing this, you are welcomed to contact me through email or twitter. 

Title: Faults (All The Faults In Us)

Characters: Oh Sehun and Park Chanyeol ft. Byun Baekhyun

Blurb: After the painful betrayal of his loved one, Sehun offered his soul to the demon. There was no other reason to live. But little did he know that the demon has other things in mind. For him to become the demon's slave. Because of his own fault.

Notes: This is the sequel to You Hurt Me. Because I am having fun with writing dark things. There is a huge possibility that if I get a chance to publish a book someday, the story will definitely be dark. More darkness, more deaths, more blood. Do I sound creepy?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I should go to sleep. 

Till next time ♡ Love, Aera

P.S: Oh guys, I'm back to using Aera as my pen name. Call me Aera, or else ◟(•̀д•́◟ )

P.P.S: Just kidding. Call me anything you prefer (*´o`*)