Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tutorial : How To Make This Edit

I recently introduced Photoshop to a friend, and she adores it so much she started asking me this and that. This tutorial is requested from her too, so, Kak Aling, I hope you'll understand the steps haha. I'll be using many picture examples so that the steps are clear.

What you need;
  • Any version of Photoshop (I'm using Photoshop CS5, you can download it here)
  • Any aesthetic pictures for the background. I'm using this. (You can search for "aesthetic texture pack" on Tumblr, Deviantart or Google. Here's a few links: one, two, three)
  • A picture. I'm using this.

Open the first picture in Photoshop. (File + Open...

Select the Move Tool and make sure to select Show Transform Control.

Duplicate the same picture. Right click on Layer 0 and select Duplicate Layer. Click OK.

This is how it will turn out. A copy version of the same layer will be visible.

Click on the outline of the picture, and the measurements will come out. (This can only happen if you select Show Transform Control)

Change the percentage of width (W) and height (H) of Layer 0 copy according to your liking. I also add "-" (a negative) in front of the percentage so that the layer will be flipped. Then press Enter.

Now, open the second picture that you want to use. (File + Open...)

Now, it's time to crop. You can use the Polygonal Lasso Tool or Quick Selection Tool to crop the picture (tutorial here), but in this tutorial, I'm going to use the Pen Tool. (Fyi, using Pen Tool is a bit complicated, so if you cannot understand these steps, I recommend you to use the Quick Selection Tool because it is the easiest way to crop)

Use the pen to make an outline out of the girl. We only want her, not the background. Just make a rough sketch around her. Don't worry, we can fix the edges after this. Make sure to end at the same spot you started.

After drawing a rough sketch around her (it will become like this), right click on the Pen Tool and choose Add Anchor Point Tool. Now, you want to get curves around the edges. It will be easier if you zoom closer to the picture (ctrl and +). Add points to the right places, and pull the point until it curves perfectly for the girl. Make sure to add the points first by clicking, before dragging it. Dragging right away is not the right way.

(The first step is "this is before you add the point", in case you got confused)

When you're done and satisfied with the result, right click on the picture and select Make Selection. Just let the Feather Radius stay as 0. Click OK. A dashed line will be visible around the area you had selected.

You need to copy the selection. You can either click on Edit, followed by Copy. Or you can simply press Ctrl + C.

Now, go back to the first picture, and click Edit + Paste. Or Ctrl + V. It will become like this.

Select the Move Tool again and resize the girl to your liking (if you forgot how to resize, refer the earlier steps). I did mine like this.

It's time to add the text. Select the Horizontal Type Tool.

Drag your cursor on the picture and it will create a text box. Add the text that you want. You can change the font type and size and colour by selecting on the options given.

(Please ignore the Layer 2, it's completely useless and I added it by accident)

Right click on the layer or your text (in my case, it's babygirl) and select Blending Options.

A new window will pop out.

You are allowed to experiment on the text all you want, but here's what I did:
  • Drop shadow (Angle: 30', Distance: 17px, Spread: 15%, Size: 32px)
  • Stroke (Size: 10, Colour: #ff2175)
After you're satisfied, press OK. This is my result.

Basically, you're done! To save;

  1. Layer + Flatten Image
  2. File + Save As 
  3. (Make sure the format is changed to .PNG or .JPEG before saving)

The steps are actually really easy once you've mastered the usage of Photoshop. Hope you'll understand this tutorial, but if there are any steps that you're stuck on, just leave a comment.

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira


  1. why soo niceeee *O* pls keep updating the tutorial =p

  2. I keep coming back to your tutorials because they're so easy to follow. Thanks Mai <3

    1. Aw I dah tak ingat dah pun tutorial ni hahaha
      I'm glad it's still helpful for you!