Friday, September 11, 2015

Life Updates... Probably?

Good morning/afternoon/evening ✿ 

A new fresh start sounds really good for now, since my life is basically in a wreck right now. Sort of. Anyway, classes already started, and my schedule is pretty packed during the whole weekdays. Wednesday would probably be my favourite day because there's only one class. One class means the best day ever, for the weekdays, of course. 

All the lecturers are great (there's a lecturer that I haven't met yet), and the way they speak English are so good that I felt nervous all the time. Most of them graduated overseas anyway (mostly in United Kingdom), so that explained their fluency. I don't really have any favourite lecturer yet, because I enjoyed most of the lectures given by them. But there's one particular lecturer, Madam Wahidah, who is handling the English Proficiency I class; she reminds me so much of one of my high school's Bahasa Melayu teacher. They looked almost the same and they way they teach were basically the same too. Sometimes I even forgot that I'm in English Proficiency I, it felt like learning Bahasa Melayu all over again.

There's also the extremely cheerful lecturer, Madam Zanirah, who handles the Introduction to Literature. We haven't learned anything yet in the class, but she's so sweet and nice, so I think Literature would be my favourite class. Plus, everyone knows I'm all into literature related things, right? 

And then there's Dr. Radzuwan, the only male lecturer that we got. He handles the Extracurricular Management class. He's pretty intimidating, but in a good way though. I like it that he provokes his students when any of us couldn't give a good answer. When he made the whole class introduce ourselves and mention something that we enjoy doing, I said blogging. And I mentioned that I write stories too, and made him laugh when I said I only wrote 2 stories as for now (sorry Sir, but that's a lie because I've never yet to complete a story ha ha ha). But he told me to finish up some more stories and hand them to him, he'd find a way to help me publish them! That's like the best news for the whole week!  ─=≡Σ((( V๑◉∀◉)つ I'm so hyped right now, I'm going to write my stories more diligently from now on so I can allow Dr. Radzuwan to help me.

That's most of the interesting things happening in my classes. Everything is alright, except for the fact that the classes are all so far from my dorm. I guess it's all for the best, I need to get rid of excess fats anyway.

Oh, have you noticed the new blog layout? I even made a new header, because why not? This time, I added everything that I love and adore and are fond of that I could remember. World map, deer, books, hearts, grids, pink, polaroids, lights, and birds. Basically everything! Now you know what I'm really into, aite? 

Now tell me, do you prefer this new layout, or the previous one? (Comment link is below each post, by the way)

P.S: There's a possibility that I'm going to watch The Scorch Trials tomorrow. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!! DYLAN O'BRIEN AND THOMAS BRODY SANGSTER ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

P.P.S: Three more days until the official release of Luhan's new album! I was really hoping there's a way for me to buy the album because it somehow didn't feel right not to. But guess what? A random person on Instagram who handles @woaini.luhan page is sweet enough to give out the album for free! Can you hear me crying? Can you hear me screaming in joy? Because I am ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

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