Monday, September 14, 2015

14 September ♡

Reloaded I 重启

  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good)
  • — 《冒险时间》(Adventure Time)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Squareloud Remix)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Instrumental Ver.)

It's finally September 14th everyone ♡♡♡♡♡ Not everyone knows what I am talking about, I'm very much aware of that. If you haven't known yet my huge-excessive-over-the-top-full-with-hearts of love for this man named Luhan, well, now you'll know. And no, this is not a phase or an obsession, so don't judge. I do love him with all my heart.

Anyway, after months quitting EXO and focusing on his acting career, Luhan finally releases his first solo album. (Oh the urge to call him baobei//xiaolu) I've waited so long for this, it felt surreal that I can finally see him performing and dancing, and listen to him singing again. This time, he even comes back rapping ♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ 我可爱的王子♡♡♡♡ Lately he became more joyful and bubbly, which makes me feel like he's some kind of a ball of fluff. So fluffy and adorable!

Thanks to Cynthia of @woaini.luhan on Instagram, I was able to get his songs legally. No, for the love of Luhan, I never intended to download his album. Of course I wanted to support him. Since this is only a digital album, it was hard for me to purchase it. Impossible even, for a few reasons. But Cynthia was nice and very sweet enough to make a givewayno, it shouldn't even be called a giveaway because she basically purchased the album to anyone who asked her to. There were like around 60 of us, probably? See, there's still extremely good-hearted people nowadays. Thank you so much Cynthia, you're the best! I owe you big time,

There were only two songs, and another two remixes of the main song in the album. I was hoping for more, but hey, four is already enough. I can't stop replaying the songs in loop, they sound ridiculously good that I find myself dancing to the rhythm. That Good Good is a very good example for a party song, so let's partay tonight! I just love love love it whenever Luhan speaks anything in English. There's quite a handful of English sentences in his songs, and they sound absolutely mind-blowing (kudos to Djemba Djemba!). I'd play and dance to the beat every single day from now on.

Though I like That Good Good more, I didn't have any problem with Adventure Time either. It didn't sound anything like what I expected from Luhan, but hey, that doesn't mean it's not good. Because it is good, it's totally more than that. Even the remixes were great too, which is incredible because I normally dislike remixes. All in all, I'm just in love with the album as much as I love him ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

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