Monday, June 08, 2015

Tutorial : Making a gif

I never planned to post any of my old tutorials here, because they were all pretty lame. And I don't even think they're even helping at all. But since someone asked me to re-upload them back, I guess I'll just do so. 


  • Photoshop CS5 {x} // click here for download guide
  • Youtube Downloader {x} // or any other video downloaders
  • KM Player {x}

Step 1:

Open KM Player and open any video that you want (download the video using Youtube Downloader).

Once you’ve opened the video press CTRL+G and a window will pop up.

Tick the options “CONTINUOUSLY” and “ORIGINAL SIZE”. In Format select JPEG (middle) and in Frames to extract tick “2 every # Frame”. Then set your Digits to 4.

Move the slider a couple of seconds before the moment you want to gif, press play and then click START. After it’s gone past the moment you want to gif, click STOP. Your captures will be saved in the location at the top of the Frame Extraction window.

Open the folder and delete the caps you don’t want to gif.

Step 2:

Open Photoshop (right click > click 'run as administrator), click on File > Open and select all the captures that you needed.

Then, make sure the Animation window is open. To do so, click Window > Animation and this will pop up at the bottom of the Photoshop.

Step 3:

Go to the second capture, click on the little arrow on the right of its Animation window, and click on COPY FRAME.

Go back to the first capture, and click on the small arrow again, and click PASTE FRAME. Tick on PASTE AFTER SELECTION and click OK.

It'll become like this;

Repeat the same thing for each of the captures and make sure to paste it ONLY on the first capture. Do it until the whole captures were in a single Animation window. Like this;

Step 4:

Select all the frames of the captures, and click on the 0 sec. to adjust the time intervals for your gif.

I recommend you change it to 0.1 seconds, since looked more natural that way. You can adjust it according to your likes, of course. Don't forget to set the gif as FOREVER and press the play button to test if your gif really worked.

Step 5:

Changing the size of your gif; Image > Image size. I usually change the width into 500px, since I'm going to upload those gifs on Tumblr.

You can change the brightness, contrast or the colours of your gif according to your likes. I recommend you use PSDs, since it saves time more. You can find PSDs on Tumblr and Deviantart, just search for it.  

In this gif, I'm using this PSD.

To use PSD, open the PSD file, right click on its layer, and click DUPLICATE > change the document destination to your gif and click OK. Change the colour of you PSD to your likes.

The 'eye' symbol stands for visibility. If you unchecked the box, it won't appear on your graphic.

Make sure that your PSD file is on top of your layers, so that all layers will be the same coloured. If it's not on the top, you have to drag it over there of course.

Step 6:

You have to sharpen your gif to make it look better. But this is an option though, you can skip if you want.

Select a layer, click Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen.

Repeat the same step for each layer since this action can't be done at once.

Make sure the same LAYER and FRAME are selected. Only this will allow you to sharpen or do anything else to your layers.

Step 7:

Satisfied with your gif? Now it's time to save it to your folder.

Click File > Save For Web & Devices.. and a window should pop up. Follow the options just like what I did.

The gif has to be under 500kb to work on Tumblr so if the gif is bigger you can optimize it. Click on the little arrow on the right, click optimize to file size and a window should appear. 

On desired file size type 499 then tick Current Settings and Current slice

If your gif somehow broke or loses its colour after you optimize it, click Cancel and remove some of the layers so that the size of the gif can be smaller. Then try again. If the same thing happen, I recommend you to make black & white gifs. And 500px sized gifs can usually accept 10-12 frames, it depends.

Once you’ve finished click Save. You're done !

This is what my gif looked like along the process of this tutorial ;

Requested by: Ainul Unnie
Tutorial by: yours truly
With a little help from: Fytutorials
Video used: Man in Love - Infinite
Video source: Woollim's Youtube

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