* Warning: If you haven't watched SOWK, I suggest you don't read this because there will be a few lot of spoilers here and there. You can read if you don't plan to watch it in the moment though, because my review always involve a very elaborated details, even the small matters.

Somewhere Only We Know (Chinese: 有一个地方只有我们知道) is a 2015 Chinese romantic drama film directed by Xu Jinglei. Filming took place in Prague, Czech Republic. The film was released on February 10,2015.

Jin Tian (Wang Likun) is a young woman who recently got dumped by her fiance and lost her grandmother, Chen Lanxin (Xu Jinglei). Feeling heartbroken, she travels to Prague, the place where her grandmother once spent years of her life. In her grandmother's belongings she finds a letter from 1970.

In Prague, Jin Tian meets Peng Zeyang (Wu Yifan), a young single father who lives with his daughter and mother. The two develop a mutual attraction during their journey on searching Josef Novak (Gordon Alexander), her grandmother's past lover.

  • Wu Yifan as Peng Zeyang
  • Wang Likun as Jin Tian
  • Xu Jinglei as Chen Lanxin
  • Gordon Alexander as Josef Novak
  • Cong Shan as Zeyang's Mom
  • Sophia Cai Shuya as Ni Ni, Zeyang's daughter
  • Juck Zhang as Luo Ji
  • Re Yizha as Shanshan

Release date: February 10, 2015

Running time: 109 minutes

Country: China

Language: Mandarin & English


Alright, so let's start with how I went to watch this movie in the first place (if you know me, you'll know how my dad is like. He almost never allow me to go out for movies) After a lot of begging (I'm pretty sure my dad was in a pretty good mood. It didn't take much for him to give me permission though, but of course with a lot of questions of course), I was finally able to go watch SOWK in Setia City Mall. I went there with my best friend and my little sister.

I'm a little bit disappointed that there wasn't any posters around in the mall for this movie, but I should have expected this because SOWK is only being shown for a week here. Don't ask why, because I don't know why either. If you're a Malaysian, I suggest you go watch it quickly because tomorrow is the last day already. It is available in any Golden Screen Cinemas, and I assure you, there will be no regrets for watching this movie. Well, unless your taste in romance are different from mine, then it can't be helped.

From left: Jin Tian (Wang Likun), Peng Zeyang (Wu Yifan), Chen Lanxin (Xu Jinglei), Shanshan (Re Yizha), Luo Ji (Juck Zhang)

The movie started with Jin Tian and her classmates being interviewed as to why they came to Prague. Most of them answered to learn a new language, including Shanshan (just stressing this out because I adore Shanshan so much (●´∀`●)). The interview ended with Jin Tian saying she didn't know why she came to Prague.

After the death of her grandmother and breaking up with her fiance, Jin Tian simply went to Prague. In my opinion, it's because she needed to relive back the moments where her grandmother used to be living happily. I can't remember the small details then, the things that Jin Tian mentioned were mostly about her grandmother.

Then Zeyang came into the picture (nope, they haven't met yet of course), walking with his cello and wearing all black. He looked amazing, and his voice actually gave me goosebumps. I have always love Yifan's voice. But that doesn't mean I didn't feel like kicking the giggling girls around my gals and I, because hey, I'm concentrating on a movie here, will you mind? 

When I first read about the description of this movie, it stated that Jin Tian and Zeyang met after a one-night stand. That obviously made me feel devastated, I hated that kind of plot. It had been used way too much in movies, dramas and even books, which made me cringe just a lot more.

But I'm glad because my expectation for this movie was different.

After coming to Prague, Jin Tian made a bucket list. It was a pretty rebellious one too, listing things like "getting a tattoos", "smoking", "getting drunk" and "have a one-night stand". When she went out  clubbing with her friend, Shanshan, Jin Tian finally met Zeyang through her classmate, Luo Ji. Of course, Jin Tian was too drunk at that time. Zeyang seemed pretty interested in her when he first laid eyes on her, but he became annoyed when they got lost after Jin Tian pulled him out of the bar, saying that they should go to her home so she could complete her bucket list (you know what I mean). She didn't even remember they were in Prague because of being too drunk.

They end up going back to Zeyang's house, and I doubt anything happened there. Because when she woke up, the first thing that she saw was;

Ni Ni ✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧ She's just so adorable, I'm pretty sure everyone loves her. 
With a hangover, Jin Tian woke up to Ni Ni, Zeyang's daughter, and also Zeyang's mother. When Zeyang came into the room, the first thing he did was pick up Ni Ni into his arms while telling Jin Tian to get down so he could send her home. I just love the way Zeyang and Ni Ni interacted. The way Ni Ni called "papa", I seriously can't stop smiling. Nothing is much more cuter than that. And the way Zeyang carried his daughter in his arms most of the time, it shows how much he loves her.


I can't recall which part goes first, but there's this scene where Jin Tian and Shanshan entered a church and there was a wedding in there. Zeyang was there too, to play the cello for the ceremony. Jin Tian's expression changed when she saw the couple getting married, it brought back her painful memories of break up and Shanshan had to drag her out of there in the end. Which seemed to amuse Zeyang.

Details skipped aside (I think I'm telling a story instead of reviewing, haha), Luo Ji invited Shanshan and Jin Tian to become bridesmaid at a garden wedding party, where he would be playing cello with Zeyang. I guess this was where their feelings started to bloom; Jin Tian kept staring at Zeyang while he played cello, while Zeyang stared at her when she danced with the others. 

Jin Tian finally parted away from the crowd and sat on a bench on the other side of the garden, when Zeyang suddenly joined, plopping down cutely next to her. He said a few things about her (man, I should have written down what he said because they were great lines!) and she made him translate a letter that her grandmother's old lover sent, saying to Zeyang that it was hers. Of course he found out she lied, because of the date written on it, and being a cheeky guy, he made fun of her.

This is the part where some people said this movie went too fast, said Zeyang and Jin Tian's feelings developed too fast. I've watched countless of dramas and movies, read a lot of stories and even hear true stories that shows relationship can develop way faster than Zeyang and Jin Tian's. I think it really made sense, because when you're attracted to someone, you don't need a long time to realise it. And in this case, the way Zeyang and Jin Tian acted really make sense to me.

They bickered after Zeyang finished translating the letter, and when Jin Tian hit him on his shoulder, he swiftly caught her hands and leaned close to her. Jin Tian ended up running away after forcing her way out from his grip, how much cuter can she act? Zeyang obviously think the same. 

Zeyang and Jin Tian's relationship to a new level when he took her up the hill, and they shared their feelings about their family and all. "Life is not supposed to be easy," as quoted by Zeyang. And then when their eyes locked and Zeyang leaned in again towards her, she dashed off once again. It was adorable, Jin Tian saying he's going to eat her if she stayed. Fortunately for Zeyang who was gifted with long limbs, he quickly catch her back and kissed her for the first time.

Ignoring the shrieks from the other "fan girls" around me on the kiss scene, I kept my focus on. And personally, I think it was a really sweet moment. They way Zeyang pulled her for the kiss and wrapped and arm around her waist, it was sweet ( 。ㅎωㅎ。)~ Yifan, you did a great job.

Again, I state here, I don't think their relationship developed too fast. To me it's normal.

They spent a lot of time together, and a lot of time with Ni Ni too. They really looked like young parents with a little daughter. My favourite part was in the scene from the picture below, where Jin Tian fed Ni Ni while she played with her papa. They looked soooooo adorable (please excuse me, I still can't stop squealing over these parts from the movie).

But just like any other relationship, Zeyang and Jin Tian's relationship was tested. It started when Zeyang's mother became depressed again and threw a fit, refusing to eat the medicines that Zeyang gave to her. He was forced to take a pill too, just to make his mother eat her those. It was heartbreaking, seeing the way Zeyang tried his hardest to please his mother. 

And in the same time, Ni Ni end up crying upstairs, grabbing her mother's pictures as she did. That was when Jin Tian finally knew who Ni Ni's mother was. Jin Tian and Zeyang had a fight then, but they reconciled after a few days (?), saying that they should drop the subject about their pasts and move on.

Jin Tian's grandmother, Chen Lanxin and Dr. Josef Novak's relationship when they were young was very romantic. Lanxin worked in Novak's clinic, and they started going out after she advised him to move on from his dead wife and daughter, to start a new life. And after quite some time, Novak decided to close down his clinic and go to China with Lanxin, so she can find her family back and they could settle down there.

But before they were able to do so, Novak received a call. Turns out his wife wasn't dead, which meant that they had no choice but to break up. A lot of things happened in between, but they managed to meet for one last time before Lanxin went back to China alone. It was heartbreaking, seeing the way they had to part away from each other. And being a sucker for tragic romance, I cried at this part. It's a good thing no one noticed though.

After countless of searches, Jin Tian finally learned the truth about her grandmother's past love story. She learned that they had to break up due to the circumstances, but realised that their love was greater than that. She found the statue that her grandmother drew in her sketchbook; the very place where Lanxin and Novak promised to meet if they ever had be away from each other. She even found a scarf that Novak had given to Lanxin.

This was when Luo Ji proposed to Shanshan, and they agreed to get married. I swear, Luo Ji and Shanshan had the cutest relationship, they just looked so cute being together. (Luo Ji even wore a long white tutu when they got married, and of course Shanshan wore black even though it was their marriage) 

Just when I thought that happy ending was coming, Zeyang received a call. Finally, here comes the climax. Apparently, Zeyang's mother overdosed and they had to rush to the hospital. When she finally woke up, Zeyang tried to comfort her. He even asked if she wanted a new boyfriend, so that she can finally move on from her cheating husband. But the question was backfired when she asked him if was really serious about Jin Tian. 

That was when he realised that he couldn't give her a good life. He's probably being immature and confused  with his own feelings, so he ended his relationship with Jin Tian. I am very positive that I could cry over the way Zeyang treated her starting then, if not that Jin Tian's grandmother's relationship was much more tragic. Zeyang was so cold towards Jin Tian. He was so caught up with his own emotions that he didn't realise Jin Tian's insecurities was getting to her again. 

Jin Tian's classes were almost ending by this time, and she had to go back to China. After Luo Ji and Shanshan's wedding, Jin Tian absentmindedly walked towards the statue where her grandmother and her lover used to spend time together. That was when she finally found Dr. Josef Novak. He was still there, waiting for his lover, Chen Lanxin. 

And I broke into tears, because their love was just so beautiful. Even though he didn't know whether Lanxin was still alive or not, he kept waiting for her like he promised, proving just how much he loved and still loves her. Jin Tian gave him her grandmother's sketchbook, where there's a sketch of him inside. Wow, I still feel like crying when remembering about this part. It was just so beautiful, I feel overwhelmed.

Sadly, Novak died after a week, and he left a box to Jin Tian. Inside it was the train ticket to China that he was supposed to use, when Novak and Lanxin made a promise to settle down in China. It was so heartbreaking.

Jin Tian left Zeyang a message, explaining everything and mentioning that she will leave Prague that day. Zeyang must have noticed his mistake and he went back for her. It took him quite some time to find her, finally realising that she must be near the memorable place of her grandmother with Novak, in front of the statue.

He finally voiced out his concerns, telling her to stay with him. Admitting that he might not be able to give a perfect life to her, but he was willing to sacrifice anything for her. He said he can cook and take care of people, so he was sure he could take a good care of her. When she retorted that he only cooked eggs, he grinned and boasted more about himself of course. It was a very beautiful ending, and I'm glad Zeyang and Jin Tian went through a lot before deciding what's best for them.

It makes their love stronger.

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

I think SOWK is a nicely written story, and I enjoyed my time watching them. I appreciated the whole story, rather than just watching it for the sake of Yifan, like what most people do. I learned that love can be complicated, but if you love each other deeply, sacrifices must be made. I learned a lot more things, but they're pretty much hard to be described. This movie is definitely worth watching!

I am aware that reviews are not supposed to be this long, but well, yeah. We'll just have to settle with this long loooong post. Thanks to those that spend their time reading this and thank you so much to my dad for allowing me to watch SOWK. And a big thanks to my best friend, Aleeya and my sister for accompanying me to the movies ❣ (●❛3❛●) (I missed a few parts, like when Jin Tian's fiance came to see her, or when Zeyang fought with his father, but I feel like those scenes weren't that important, so I skipped.)

I really hope to see some feedback from my readers, it has been a while since my blog seemed to gain people's interest. Maybe my posts are getting lamer, or maybe readers nowadays prefers to be silent rather than open up to me and sharing your thoughts. I don't mind any of those, but I really hope that my readers will be more open with me. I don't bite, I swear.

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira