I recently introduced Photoshop to a friend, and she adores it so much she started asking me this and that. This tutorial is requested from her too, so, Kak Aling, I hope you'll understand the steps haha. I'll be using many picture examples so that the steps are clear.

What you need;
  • Any version of Photoshop (I'm using Photoshop CS5, you can download it here)
  • Any aesthetic pictures for the background. I'm using this. (You can search for "aesthetic texture pack" on Tumblr, Deviantart or Google. Here's a few links: one, two, three)
  • A picture. I'm using this.

Open the first picture in Photoshop. (File + Open...

Select the Move Tool and make sure to select Show Transform Control.

Duplicate the same picture. Right click on Layer 0 and select Duplicate Layer. Click OK.

This is how it will turn out. A copy version of the same layer will be visible.

Click on the outline of the picture, and the measurements will come out. (This can only happen if you select Show Transform Control)

Change the percentage of width (W) and height (H) of Layer 0 copy according to your liking. I also add "-" (a negative) in front of the percentage so that the layer will be flipped. Then press Enter.

Now, open the second picture that you want to use. (File + Open...)

Now, it's time to crop. You can use the Polygonal Lasso Tool or Quick Selection Tool to crop the picture (tutorial here), but in this tutorial, I'm going to use the Pen Tool. (Fyi, using Pen Tool is a bit complicated, so if you cannot understand these steps, I recommend you to use the Quick Selection Tool because it is the easiest way to crop)

Use the pen to make an outline out of the girl. We only want her, not the background. Just make a rough sketch around her. Don't worry, we can fix the edges after this. Make sure to end at the same spot you started.

After drawing a rough sketch around her (it will become like this), right click on the Pen Tool and choose Add Anchor Point Tool. Now, you want to get curves around the edges. It will be easier if you zoom closer to the picture (ctrl and +). Add points to the right places, and pull the point until it curves perfectly for the girl. Make sure to add the points first by clicking, before dragging it. Dragging right away is not the right way.

(The first step is "this is before you add the point", in case you got confused)

When you're done and satisfied with the result, right click on the picture and select Make Selection. Just let the Feather Radius stay as 0. Click OK. A dashed line will be visible around the area you had selected.

You need to copy the selection. You can either click on Edit, followed by Copy. Or you can simply press Ctrl + C.

Now, go back to the first picture, and click Edit + Paste. Or Ctrl + V. It will become like this.

Select the Move Tool again and resize the girl to your liking (if you forgot how to resize, refer the earlier steps). I did mine like this.

It's time to add the text. Select the Horizontal Type Tool.

Drag your cursor on the picture and it will create a text box. Add the text that you want. You can change the font type and size and colour by selecting on the options given.

(Please ignore the Layer 2, it's completely useless and I added it by accident)

Right click on the layer or your text (in my case, it's babygirl) and select Blending Options.

A new window will pop out.

You are allowed to experiment on the text all you want, but here's what I did:
  • Drop shadow (Angle: 30', Distance: 17px, Spread: 15%, Size: 32px)
  • Stroke (Size: 10, Colour: #ff2175)
After you're satisfied, press OK. This is my result.

Basically, you're done! To save;

  1. Layer + Flatten Image
  2. File + Save As 
  3. (Make sure the format is changed to .PNG or .JPEG before saving)

The steps are actually really easy once you've mastered the usage of Photoshop. Hope you'll understand this tutorial, but if there are any steps that you're stuck on, just leave a comment.

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira
If you genuinely
love someone
don't ever decorate
their eyes with tears
their ears with lies
and their heart
with a wound.

Have you ever felt like you're worthless? Like, there is this one time where everyone refuses to sit with you or talk to you, and then they act like nothing happened? I have always been the one being left out. The third wheel. The loner. The one which people think is not worth their time to spend with.

And that is the reason why I'm always scared to become close to someone. Because I tend to become clingy, and when I love someone, I'll love them wholeheartedly. I'll do anything for your sake. But sometimes, I wonder if you felt the same way. Am I worth your time? Do I make you happy? Or I'm just someone who you'll be with when you have no one else around you? Am I just a second option?

I hate the nights when I'm sensitive, because when I get sensitive, I cry over really small matters. I don't want to annoy you with that, so I stayed away. I stayed away to not let any hard feelings to happen. But that also makes me sad. Because you never notice it. You never did.

I'm not angry, or upset. No. I just need to let out this feelings.

When it's time for you to cry, trust me, I'll be there for you.

Because you're important to me.

P.S; To Hyeo, if you're reading this (nothing above is related to you), I just want you to know that I miss you and I love you and thank you for always being there for me through my ups and downs and for always comforting me. Thank you for never judging me and always telling me to love myself more.

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

Can I say something?

University life sucks.

It hasn't even been half a year yet and a part of me is already regretting this path that I chose. I clearly don't enjoy learning how to teach, because it's just not in me. Not everyone can teach people, and I'm included in that category. I admit that once, I used to want to become a teacher, but then again, that was when the occupations that I know consisted of teachers, polices, doctors and artistes. Now that I'm old enough to think rationally, I don't think I'll make a good teacher. Maybe not ever.

Life is now full of presentations, micro-teachings, tests and handling events. I know that whatever course that I choose would definitely result in these, but if only I love what I am learning. Maybe I'm taking things for granted, but I wish I can just flee and do something else that I enjoy doing.


Well, there's absolutely no use in regretting what has been done. People say, things happen for a reason. Despite my reluctance in learning all these things about curriculum and teachings, I still found a few little things that makes me happy. Friends and experience.

Recently, I learned that a classmate of mine turns out to be one of my close online friends, back when my blog was still "cremehearts". It's Leo, a.k.a the only Hyukjae lover that I'm close with ♡ ♡ ♡ I know her as Nick now though. This news was one of the greatest thing that had happened to me (my life had been very stressful lately). I'm so happy that I actually met her, we haven't chatted in a long time. And she's just so so so cool and adorable at the same time. I envy her legs (hahah) and her skills in dancing. She's just amazing. 

To Nick, if you ever read this, beware of me. I tend to be very clingy and extra sweet to the people that I'm really fond of. You have been warned. Hahahahahahaha just kidding. Stay happy, Nick bb (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡


And yeah, apart from meeting Nick, and getting closer with my classmates because of the event we're handling together, nothing much is happening lately. I still haven't updated my stories, which is very upsetting, but I really don't have time to do so. But a few weeks ago, I opened a graphic shop on asianfanfics.com. What do you think of these posters that I've made? Which one is your favourite?


Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

Title: Black Beauty
Series: -
Author: Anna Sewell
Genre: Children's Classic
Publisher: Puffin Books
Publish Date: 2015 (First published in Puffin Books 1954) (First published 1877)
Pages: 263

Book blurb: As a young colt, Black Beauty gallops in the fresh green meadows with his beloved mother, Duchess, and their kind master. But when his owners are forced to sell him he swaps a life of freedom and happiness for one of work and toil. Black Beauty has an unbreakable spirit and a strong will, but is it enough to survive...?

Overall rate: ★★★☆☆ (3.3 out of 5)

Book cover: 3/5

Story plot: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Language: 3/5

Book's world: 3/5

Favourite excerpt from the book:

Our friend stood still for a moment, and throwing his head a little back, "Do you know why this world is as bad as it is?"

"No," said the other.

"Then I'll tell you. It is because people think only about their own business, and won't trouble themselves to stand up for the oppressed nor bring the wrong-doer to light. I never see a wicked things like this without doing what I can, and many a master has thanked me for letting him know how his horses have been used."

"I wish there were more gentlemen like you, sir," said Jerry, "for they are wanted badly enough in this city."

After this we continued our journey, and as they got out of the cab, our friend was saying, "My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt."

I have absolutely no idea about anything related to horses. I have seen them from a few metres away, but I have never stand next to them. I have never touched any horse or even ridden one. So, basically, I went through Black Beauty with zero knowledge about them.

Reading Black Beauty was never a plan of mine, I did it because of a coursework. One of the subjects that I'm taking is literature, so I'm required to read Black Beauty. I had no objections, because this could be the start for me to read classic books. But somehow, it took me around four months to finish the book. I guess I procrastinated a lot, because it took me more than three months for the first part of the story, but I flew through the second till fourth part in only three hours. Yes, three simple hours. I could have finished the book in less than a day if I had been more diligent in reading.

Black Beauty tells the readers about the life of a black horse, from when he was only young till he grew up to become a fine horse, through his own point of view. This is my first time reading from the point of view of an animal, and surprisingly, it was not that bad. I got to delve further into the emotions and feelings of the horses.

His journey started in Farmer Grey's farm, where he lived with his mother, Duchess. He was then sold to Squire Gordon and lived at Birtwick for quite a long time, growing to become a very strong horse. At Birtwick, all was well. He had his friends (Ginger, Merrylegs and Sir Oliver), a kind-hearted caretaker, John and Joe, and a nice master. But when their mistress fell ill and had to move to a new place, Black Beauty and Ginger were sold to a new master, while Merrylegs found a new place to spend the rest of his life. In the new place, Black Beauty started learning the hardships that could happen in a horse life, and eventually he was sold to a new master. He was separated from Ginger.

He changed from hand to hand, and most of the new masters were cruel. They did not care about his health, hygiene and even his food. He was overworked and was injured a lot because of human's ignorance. One of the only good master that he had after Squire Gordon was Jerry Barker, a London cab driver. He took great care of Black Beauty, and Black Beauty loved Jerry. He was reunited once with Ginger, but Ginger's condition was really bad. And shortly after their meeting, Ginger died.

When Jerry too, fell ill, Black Beauty was sold to corndealer and baker, before going to a large cab owner. After being forced with so much work, Black Beauty collapsed because of being overworked and was sold in an auction. A farmer bought him and nursed him back to health before selling him to three ladies in Blomefields, where he lived permanently. He was reunited with his old caretaker, Joe Green, and he was more than happy to spend the rest of his life in Blomefields.

All in all, it was a great experience reading Black Beauty. I always have a soft spot for animals inside me, and Black Beauty touched me. I actually cried in a few parts, especially when he was treated badly. Black Beauty made me realise more that humans are at fault in many things, especially regarding the animals. We take things for granted, and we never cared for everyone else. I hope more people, especially in my country, would read Black Beauty and other stories like this. We need to change if we want this world to become better.

Stop animal cruelty, they deserve to be loved too.

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

Coraline: While exploring her new home, a girl named Coraline (Dakota Fanning) discovers a secret door, behind which lies an alternate world that closely mirrors her own but, in many ways, is better. She rejoices in her discovery, until Other Mother (Teri Hatcher) and the rest of her parallel family try to keep her there forever. Coraline must use all her resources and bravery to make it back to her own family and life.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

Review: The first time I watched Coraline was probably when I'm still in primary school. It tells a story on a girl whose parents were really busy they couldn't afford much time to spend with her. When she found the secret door, she found an alternate world with a much more welcoming family. She would have stayed, if only she didn't find out the truth behind the secret door.

The button eyes creeps me out still, but at the same time it thrills me. I love how brave Coraline was, and how much she sacrificed to save her parents. It was a movie that every child should watch, because it shows how much your own family worth. No matter what, family is still family.

Into The Woods: As the result of the curse of a once-beautiful witch (Meryl Streep), a baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) are childless. Three days before the rise of a blue moon, they venture into the forest to find the ingredients that will reverse the spell and restore the witch's beauty: a milk-white cow, hair as yellow as corn, a blood-red cape, and a slipper of gold. During their journey, they meet Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack, each one on a quest to fulfill a wish.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

Review: I would have definitely rate Into The Woods with five stars if the singing were reduced by a notch. But it was a musical movie anyway, so I can't complain. I love the fact that they used the original story of the fairy tales (for instance, when Cinderella's stepsisters' toe and heel were chopped off by the stepmother, or when the prince in Rapunzel's story became blind and etc.) that were normally untold because of the cruelty of those parts. But it's the original story, and I appreciate Into The Woods for showing it.

Though I'm not really fond of the princes (especially Charming, because, wow just wow, such a playboy) I love the female characters a lot. Despite Red Riding Hood's shameless act (stealing the baker's breads for her grandmother), she's still a sweet and brave girl. Though Cinderella wanted to see the prince, she still end up fighting for herself and I loved her character the most. The baker's wife and Rapunzel had their ups and downs, but I did enjoy both character. And the witch just spiced up the story some more.

I don't think I'll be able to watch this movie again anytime soon though, I had enough high-pitched songs to last for months.

Home: After a hive-minded alien race called the Boov conquer the Earth, they relocate the planet's human population -- all except for a little girl named Tip (Rihanna), who's managed to hide from the aliens. When Tip meets a fugitive Boov called Oh (Jim Parsons), there's mutual distrust. However, Oh is not like his comrades; he craves friendship and fun. As their distrust fades, the pair set out together to find Tip's mother, but, unbeknown to them, the Gorg -- enemies of the Boov -- are en route.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars!)

Review: I know I always say "this movie is the cutest" almost every time after I watch a great animation movie, but I'm still going to do it. Home is one of the cutest movies ever produced! Oh has such a sweet personality, despite his clumsiness. Tip has such a brave heart and it's amazing to see an independent young character like her (Rihanna's voice is a bonus!). And Pig (gosh, what a name) is by far the fattest and cutest and fluffiest animation cat that I have ever seen. I want him as my pet too, please!

With all the ruckus that Oh made, Home became a really sweet comedy animation movie. And the drama added was great too, mother-daughter relationship between Tip and her mother, and the friendship between Tip and Oh are definitely able to capture anyone's heart.

Death Bell 2: This film is about a group of high school students and teachers who get locked in the school after the swimming instructor is murdered. In South Korea, the high school student and swimmer Jeong Tae-yeon (Yoon Seung-ah) is found dead in the pool, which is found as a suicide. Two years later, teacher Park Eun-su (Hwang Jung-eum) joins the high school where Tae-yeon's stepsister Lee Se-Hee (Park Ji-yeon) is haunted by nightmarish visions and is bullied by the student Eom Ji-yun (Choi Ah-jin). Eun-su finds it difficult to get respect in the classroom and is backed up by an older teacher, Cha (Kim Su-ro). Se-Hee and her classmates are selected for an elite "study camp" held at the school during the summer break where 30 students study for their university entrance exams. The school's swimming trainer is murdered in the showers, and the words "When an innocent mother is killed, what son would not avenge her death?" found scrawled on a blackboard. A voice warns the students that they'll all be killed unless they can answer who is the murderer and why. The students and teachers find they're locked in the school when more deaths begin to happen.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5 out of 5)

Review: After watching Death Bell, I had this thought that Death Bell 2 would exceed my expectation. Not so much. The story line was quite good, but the presentation fell pretty flat. The most gruesome part would be when one of the students was killed by sharp blades attached to the motorbike, and that was probably the best part (this is my dark side speaking). I think Death Bell 2 shows more drama than the first movie, but it did not quite capture my heart. I don't think those dramas were needed even.

And the ending.. I still don't really get it. Who actually died and who survived?

Death Bell: On the eve of the dreaded university entrance examinations, the lives of 24 of the smartest and brightest students at one high school, are on the line. Locked inside a classroom and nowhere to escape, a television monitor broadcasts a terrified Hae-yeong, the top student at the high school, tied up and seated on a chair inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water. A voice from the monitor announces if the 24 cannot finish the exam administered within the allotted time given, Hae-yeong will die and so will everyone held captive inside the classroom. Thus begins the examination that will determine whether they live or die.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

Review: I started watching Death Bell with the thought that it was a ghost story. But what I got was serial murders of students in a school camp. I enjoy watching dark, thriller and horror stories, and I could say that Death Bell is a great one. Despite some reviews telling how Death Bell stole concepts from other great movies, I think I'd still like watching Death Bell.

Some of the parts did not make any sense (like when a teacher was killed, and the students were still terrified to escape the school. They could just easily outdo the killer judging by their number) but the killing parts were rather good. It did break my heart when Kang Hyeon was stabbed, he helped the others so much. And I felt sorry for Yina because she lost so many people that she loved, all because of the teacher himself (and Jiwon's parents too, of course). It was a really sad ending for me.

Back To 20: Shen Meng Jun (Grace Guei) is a crotchety 70 year old widow whose family decides its time for her to go to a nursing home. Feeling forlorn, she wanders the streets and impulsively decides to take a final portrait at a photo studio she happens by. Upon leaving, to her astonishment she realizes that she has been transformed back into her 20 year old self. Given a magical second chance at youth, she changes her name to Meng Li Jun (Yang Zi Shan) and decides to chase her dream of becoming a singer. Will she find success and love this second time around?

Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars!)

Review: Back To 20 is still one of my all-time favourite movies. I can (probably) watch it everyday and still won't get bored of it. Well, mostly because I can watch Luhan's handsome face all day (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡ Back To 20 tells a lot of family matters. It still wrenches my heart every time I see Shen Meng Jun getting sad. Well, yes, she did have her own mistakes, but seeing old people being sad always makes me want to cry.

I actually really enjoy watching Meng Jun (& Li Jun)'s character developing, although I hoped not to get a mother-in-law like her. And who can ever say no to Xiang Qian Jin and Tan Zhi Ming? ❣ (●❛3❛●)

This movie is perfect for all ages, and I'd definitely recommend it to everyone that I know.

Villa Nabila: The experimental horror movie, directed by famed film director Datuk Yusof Haslam’s youngest child, Syafiq Yusof, will be presented in a semi-documentary form and will depict the “true stories” that have taken place inside the villa. According to the trailer, the movie was inspired by a Nov 19, 2013 incident when a 16-year-old boy was reported to have gone missing at the spot. Although he was found the next day and was said to have slept over at his friend’s house, the trailer showed him being interviewed denying the rumour and claiming that he had lost his memory on what actually happened while he was missing. The young director also interviewed several building contractors. They were supposed to demolish the villa, which has been labelled as the state’s scariest location. The contractors were seen relaying stories of the strange incidents they witnessed while carrying out the attempted demolition. Villa Nabila has been abandoned for more than 40 years, causing various horror stories to be spread about it. Among the tales is a warning that anyone who visited the place should do so in even numbers or else they would be leaving with a new addition — a supernatural entity.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 out of 5)

Review: There's a reason why I always stay away from watching local horror movies. Because they often leave me a bigger impact compared to other countries' horror movies. Somehow, one of my friends (Izah) convinced me to watch Villa Nabila with her (okay, I'm lying. I got the movie from another friend and invited Izah to watch it with me ha ha). It was okay, but I still find the ghost a bit annoying. I'm not sure how much truth they put in the story, since it was based on a true story, because some of the parts didn't really make sense. But if most of those are true, then it was really creepy.

I did sleep with the lights turned on that night though.

Sinister 2: Hiding from her abusive, estranged husband, Courtney Collins lives in a rural house with her 9-year-old twins, Dylan and Zach. Young Dylan receives nightly visits from ghoulish kids who show him disturbing images of families being slaughtered. It's all part of the grand plan of Bughuul, the evil spirit who recruits innocent children to murder their loved ones. The only hope for his intended new victims may be a former deputy who's familiar with Bughuul's fiendish work from the past.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5 out of 5)

Review: I've heard good talks about the first movie of Sinister (yes, I haven't watched it yet), so I thought maybe I'd just watch Sinister 2 because it was released just a few days before my friends and I went out for a date. I left the cinema feeling devastated though. Sinister 2 was definitely not my kind of horror.

I think the videos of the children killing their own family were just too much. And Bughuul bugged me so much too, like, what did he really want? He still wasn't defeated until the end of the movie, which added more fire to my annoyance.

Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death: 40 years after Eel Marsh House's first haunting, a group of children and a schoolteacher take refuge at the house, escaping from WWII London. There they will awaken the house's darkest inhabitant.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 out of 5)

Review: I originally rated this movie with four stars, but had to reduce a star after replaying the movie back in my mind. The concept of the story and the time line used (World War II) grabbed my attention, but the story of Woman In Black didn't. It is still ridiculous, how when a woman loses her child, and then when she died, she'll start a killing spree over children. You lost your child, you must know how painful it felt. Then why kill those innocent children (and man) cruelly?

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

Reloaded I 重启

  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good)
  • — 《冒险时间》(Adventure Time)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Squareloud Remix)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
  • — 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Instrumental Ver.)

It's finally September 14th everyone ♡♡♡♡♡ Not everyone knows what I am talking about, I'm very much aware of that. If you haven't known yet my huge-excessive-over-the-top-full-with-hearts of love for this man named Luhan, well, now you'll know. And no, this is not a phase or an obsession, so don't judge. I do love him with all my heart.

Anyway, after months quitting EXO and focusing on his acting career, Luhan finally releases his first solo album. (Oh the urge to call him baobei//xiaolu) I've waited so long for this, it felt surreal that I can finally see him performing and dancing, and listen to him singing again. This time, he even comes back rapping ♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ 我可爱的王子♡♡♡♡ Lately he became more joyful and bubbly, which makes me feel like he's some kind of a ball of fluff. So fluffy and adorable!

Thanks to Cynthia of @woaini.luhan on Instagram, I was able to get his songs legally. No, for the love of Luhan, I never intended to download his album. Of course I wanted to support him. Since this is only a digital album, it was hard for me to purchase it. Impossible even, for a few reasons. But Cynthia was nice and very sweet enough to make a givewayno, it shouldn't even be called a giveaway because she basically purchased the album to anyone who asked her to. There were like around 60 of us, probably? See, there's still extremely good-hearted people nowadays. Thank you so much Cynthia, you're the best! I owe you big time,

There were only two songs, and another two remixes of the main song in the album. I was hoping for more, but hey, four is already enough. I can't stop replaying the songs in loop, they sound ridiculously good that I find myself dancing to the rhythm. That Good Good is a very good example for a party song, so let's partay tonight! I just love love love it whenever Luhan speaks anything in English. There's quite a handful of English sentences in his songs, and they sound absolutely mind-blowing (kudos to Djemba Djemba!). I'd play and dance to the beat every single day from now on.

Though I like That Good Good more, I didn't have any problem with Adventure Time either. It didn't sound anything like what I expected from Luhan, but hey, that doesn't mean it's not good. Because it is good, it's totally more than that. Even the remixes were great too, which is incredible because I normally dislike remixes. All in all, I'm just in love with the album as much as I love him ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira

Good morning/afternoon/evening ✿ 

A new fresh start sounds really good for now, since my life is basically in a wreck right now. Sort of. Anyway, classes already started, and my schedule is pretty packed during the whole weekdays. Wednesday would probably be my favourite day because there's only one class. One class means the best day ever, for the weekdays, of course. 

All the lecturers are great (there's a lecturer that I haven't met yet), and the way they speak English are so good that I felt nervous all the time. Most of them graduated overseas anyway (mostly in United Kingdom), so that explained their fluency. I don't really have any favourite lecturer yet, because I enjoyed most of the lectures given by them. But there's one particular lecturer, Madam Wahidah, who is handling the English Proficiency I class; she reminds me so much of one of my high school's Bahasa Melayu teacher. They looked almost the same and they way they teach were basically the same too. Sometimes I even forgot that I'm in English Proficiency I, it felt like learning Bahasa Melayu all over again.

There's also the extremely cheerful lecturer, Madam Zanirah, who handles the Introduction to Literature. We haven't learned anything yet in the class, but she's so sweet and nice, so I think Literature would be my favourite class. Plus, everyone knows I'm all into literature related things, right? 

And then there's Dr. Radzuwan, the only male lecturer that we got. He handles the Extracurricular Management class. He's pretty intimidating, but in a good way though. I like it that he provokes his students when any of us couldn't give a good answer. When he made the whole class introduce ourselves and mention something that we enjoy doing, I said blogging. And I mentioned that I write stories too, and made him laugh when I said I only wrote 2 stories as for now (sorry Sir, but that's a lie because I've never yet to complete a story ha ha ha). But he told me to finish up some more stories and hand them to him, he'd find a way to help me publish them! That's like the best news for the whole week!  ─=≡Σ((( V๑◉∀◉)つ I'm so hyped right now, I'm going to write my stories more diligently from now on so I can allow Dr. Radzuwan to help me.

That's most of the interesting things happening in my classes. Everything is alright, except for the fact that the classes are all so far from my dorm. I guess it's all for the best, I need to get rid of excess fats anyway.

Oh, have you noticed the new blog layout? I even made a new header, because why not? This time, I added everything that I love and adore and are fond of that I could remember. World map, deer, books, hearts, grids, pink, polaroids, lights, and birds. Basically everything! Now you know what I'm really into, aite? 

Now tell me, do you prefer this new layout, or the previous one? (Comment link is below each post, by the way)

P.S: There's a possibility that I'm going to watch The Scorch Trials tomorrow. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!! DYLAN O'BRIEN AND THOMAS BRODY SANGSTER ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

P.P.S: Three more days until the official release of Luhan's new album! I was really hoping there's a way for me to buy the album because it somehow didn't feel right not to. But guess what? A random person on Instagram who handles @woaini.luhan page is sweet enough to give out the album for free! Can you hear me crying? Can you hear me screaming in joy? Because I am ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Till next time ♡ Love, Humaira